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It's an Innova Standard w/ 11 discs in it + 1 putter in the pocket...it's time for a new one i guess, I'm a Discraft guy so a Innova bag will not be an option...lol. Two of the 12 are putters so i will need a bag with @ least space for 20 by next summer due to having backups for all my discs. What do y'all use and what do ya recommend?

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You will be hard pressed to fit 20 in the Revo bag. I took out the divider and I could fit 15 to 16 inside and 2 putters outside. I still believe the Latitude bag is the best. Having owned all the bags in question, minus the fade bag. Having said that. You still can't go too wrong with the Revo bag.
Innova bags are nylon, Fade are Cordura. Fade bags have a rain flap WITH a mesh pocket on the underside. The bottle holders have cords to hold the bottle securely - rev does not. Fade bags are nicely water resistant - I have played with mine repeatedly in the rain. Quality IS equal to or exceeds the rev bag. Go to a shop - pick them both up, handle them - easy to see. And Fade is HALF the price.


My Revolution Bags ( Large and Small ) Solid for 6 plus years !
You guys sure pay a lot for your bags. :P

My first bag was a $5 satchel I found at Staples at it's rock bottom clearance price. Lasted a good 2 years and it could hold at least 20 discs.

Once that broke I've switched to a nylon mesh bag with two handles on top. Found it around the house, so the total investment was $0. I figured out I can run one of the handles through the loop of the other and it leaves the bag open for easy access. Carries almost 20 discs easily. No room for a water bottle or anything, but I do have my chalk bag clipped onto one of the handles and I usually just carry my water bottle with me.

Just remember there are alternatives to overpaying for a specially designed disc golf bag.

Not that I'm not jealous of all the nice bags I see, but I'm not exactly rich right now and my extra disc golf cash usually goes toward discs. :)
Excellent point - my daughter uses a messenger bag we had in the closet - holds a dozen discs easily and has two bottle holders, one on each side. It was gathering dust and it works very well. Water resistant and all. Use what you've got - Ian nailed it!
Well i p;an on using my torn innova til sometime this winter when i make my switch.
Duct tape, stitch it.
stitch maybe....but i do need the extra space now.
I just bout a new bag that is actually a tackle bag from FishPond. I bought the cloud bust bag. I've got 2Flicks, 2Predators, 4boss's, 4 teebirds 4Rocs 5 putters so basically 21 discs. Though you can put two more discs on top of the others.
FWIW, I picked up a fade tourney bag at PIAS for $20 that was very well used. Where it was navy, it's now light purple. Yeah, it's that old. There are still no holes, torn seams, etc. IMO, a very well built bag. I'm curious how many miles/years this bag actually has on it.
I have spent the better part of two seasons (spring to late fall) carrying my discs in a... wait for it.... wait... for... it... Tony Stewart #20 Home Depot soft sided cooler... it has enough room for 15 discs, and a front pocket big enough for one putter... i was shocked that it has held up this long.... BUT as my collection of discs gets larger, it is now time to retire the old guy and get something, well, a little more grown up... this discussion has helped me find what I think will be the right bag... and the winner is: The Fade Gear Tournament bag, and Quad Shocks... I know the Revo is supposed to be extremely high quality, but at a price I cannot afford... it would seem to be that this is the best bang for the buck as far as quality and design goes.... and it doesn't hurt that the "Psycho" color scheme contains my favorite mix of colors, blue and orange... any given day, I am out in my blue football jersey and orange shorts... can't miss me... (no, I am not a Florida Gator fan... I am a Kansas Jayhawk)...


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