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I've been playing for some time and ultimate before that so I think I know just about every way to throw a disc, but I have no idea what the term scooby refers to. 

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throwing it upside down so the disc will slide along the flightplate on the ground
It refers to the shot in the old "Scooby Doo, Where Are You?" intro where you see scooby sliding down a hallway on an upside down shield.
What they said! but include putting as well. I now a dude who only putts scoober style. It's a trip. You hold the disc like a thumber, but your thumb is on the top plate. If you are right handed, you bring you arm across your chest. Say approx near your lft. shoulder and then flick it towards the basket. It comes in handy when I get stuck behind a tree and my only option is an escape shot to my lft. You can really stretch out quite a bit with this technique and it's suprisingly accurate.
I learned this from a guy named Nick Hart years ago. He called the throw a "scooby". It was thrown as an inverted overhand wrist flip. Very wierd. It didn't go far but had high velosity. It is very good for double disc court because when it hits the ground it doesn't slide but makes a tight circle and stays where it lands.
Others may have a different name for this throw but that's what I know as the "scooby".
Thanks I was hoping to learn the origins of the term as well. Disc golf has so many inside jokes like this one.
I have a similar for when I'm stuck, except that it's a flick shot with a forehand grip on the inside of the rim. I hold the disc inverted chest high near my left shoulder (or even up to over my head if I need to) and just flick it toward the target. Oh, I should add that the disc is on an angle such that the left side of the disc is higher (say a 15 degree angle) so that the disc can flex out to flat on it's way to the chains and I don't have to throw it as hard.

I also used the first turbo putt ever in a round the other day. I hit it from about ten feet. I now believe whomever on this site that said sometimes that's the ONLY way you can putt. I was completely trapped otherwise.
"ruht roh raggy". o.k., that was lame but I thought I would throw it out there. Yep, My scoobie is where I throw a tomahawk, but under-rotate it so it soes not completely flip and turn left (throwing right handed) but instead, it slowly turns nad lands upside down on its flight plate, sliding to its destination. ....And then I reward myself with some scooby snakcs!!
So is this form of scooby (which I DO throw and would call basically an Ultimate Hammer throw) essentially the same as what I've heard called a "pancake" shot? I'm just trying to get those terms we don't use locally down so that I can actually have a conversation with Billy Crump if I ever run into him. ;-)
I used a scooby shot for the first time the other day at Oshtemo park to get under some pine trees. It didn't work as well as I thought it would of. I think I would have been better off just taking a putt from a knee, or a short thumber over the top. It seems like a shot that really has to be perfected.
That video is demonstrating pancake shots, not the Scooby shot!

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