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We are in the process of trying to develop two new courses here in Colorado Springs. One of the properties was previously proposed but rejected but this time we have a City employee on our side.

So the property has been split into two sections. The first is for the competitive or short course. It will be mainly a par three and possibly par four setup. The other part is the championship course which will be a lot longer. On the championship course we have a par 6 and two par 5s. There are also par 4s and par 3s. It is very long and this Saturday will be our first chance to actually play the entire course. We have been going out two to three hours at a time and putting in two to three holes at a time. It is also quite tiring to walk the entire course as it could well be over two miles in length with elevation change as well. I am guessing that one round could take about three and a half hours. This is not a course designed for recreational or casual players. It is a course designed to test the ability of more experienced players. This is a course that could put us on the map and our goal is to definitely push the envelope of course design.

Most people that we have run into have been very supportive of our efforts with the exception of three people that we ran into the other day. They started lecturing us about the wildlife and asked us if we had permits to be out there. We explained that this was already in the works. They really didn't want to hear it and were pretty antagonistic towards us. Oh well, you can't please everybody and there are bound to be people against your cause.

This Sunday we will be trying out the three designs for the short course and the following week we will be doing the same for the two long course designs. Reviews will be given for everything.

In the end we are hopeful that we will be getting two new courses. I really hope so as that piece of land is about two minutes from my house.

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wait.. you met 3 hippies that out hippie a hippie sport?


Sounds Great !!!  Best of Luck in getting multiple courses in !!!!

Sweeeeet! Good luck! Next time I'm out that way I'll have to check it out.


Got some bad news today. While we were out Saturday we ran into three people who were apparently neighbors and not exactly fans of disc golf. One person had a small saw which we were using to cut some wooden stakes. Those neighbors came up to us and started acting hostile and yelling at us. They demanded to know if we had permits to be there. We tried to explain what was going on but they didn't want to listen. Anyway, today we got news that they had complained to the County and that we are supposed to cease all course design and remove all of our flags and stakes that we had put out there. I am quite upset but I also feared that something like this might happen. After all, we were asked to design a course on land that had not even been approved yet.

I am upset to say the least. Just not much I can do about it. I did send an email to a lady who works for the County explaining our position. We need to get the word out that the County needs to hear from us, the disc golfers, that we are not the bad people that we are being portrayed as by a few angry neighbors. I let her know that I am in charge of organizing yet another cleanup day at Cottonwood on October 13 and that we partner with the Colorado Springs Forestry Department in that effort. We are not crazy people running around and cutting down trees. We are civic minded people just wanting to get a few good courses in our town.

Welcome to the club.  And it's a big club.

There are perils in proceding without clear approval from the government department that controls the property (which is how I read your post).  Heck, there are perils inproceding WITH their clear approval.

Neighbors who think of the park as their personal playground, and environmentalists who see wilderness in every drainage ditch and vacant lot, are a regular hazard to course installation and continued existence.

I wish you the best of luck in working this out.  Sounds like a great project.

Thank you. Well I did get an email back from a lady with the County Parks today and it was still very positive. They have even budgeted money for 2013 for "disc golf improvements" at that park ($6000). So it looks like things are still on track but we need to take a step back and let the process continue. The County has also informed us that they will trying to work with the neighbors as well.

Last night I was pretty down about the whole thing because we had made some great progress and our 18 hole design was finally complete. However, it could be a while before we get another chance to actually play the course. Up until yesterday, my friend and I were planning on going out today to finally play all 18. Guess that will have to wait for another day.

Just to ease my confusion---are baskets in, or are you playing the course without baskets?

Anyway, good to hear things aren't as dire as you thought.  Try to keep good relations with County Parks because if it comes to a conflict between you and the non-disc-golf advocates, you really need the Parks Dept. on your side.

No, no baskets in yet. We were simply trying to get a design in that was playable. So we were marking tees with flags and using wooden stakes to mark out basket positions. Since we had different teams putting up different designs we were going to put in some temporary baskets and then play the different designs and review them. That all sounded good but seems to have drawn the ire of a few neighbors. So that part of it has been put off. The good thing with our team was that we had finally completed the design of all 18 holes.

Yes, we want to stay on the good side of the County people as they are on our side.

yeah it sounds like the neighbors just made a snap judgment without really looking at what you guys were doing. 

good luck with the completion.

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