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I was watching ESPN tonight and was talking to my buddy who isn't really into disc golf. And i told him that i think DG is going to really grow in the next five years and come mainstream. He denied it saying there are other growing sports that would come first but couldn't really name any specific ones.

Any thoughts on the growth of the sport?

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It is growing very fast but as far as beating out other sports on Espn is going to be hard. The excitement of watching disc golf compared to a fast paced sport is the biggest killer. Then again I have seen things like the spelling bee and poker on Espn.

The problem is going to be a fan base that attends events to watch and not play.

The difference between disc golf and other sports is that disc golf is a purely player driven sport meaning that they only people interested in it are those that actively play. Football, basketball, baseball, hockey are all watched by people who don't play. Another thing disc golf has going against it in becoming main stream is that insanely high cost of producing a high quality broadcast. At the end of the day all those other sports I mention can be broadcast with a minimal amount of cameras. Disc golf like ball golf requires a massive amount of equipment to properly braodcast (minimum of 3 cameras people hole). The PDGA has actually shifted focus from trying to make the game "main stream" through TV and sponsors after seeing their growth level off the last couple years after some great growth. Now they are focusing more on bring in new players and courses

Horseshoes was getting huge up until the mid 70s. If the PDGA wants to get more publicity, they should study the rise and fall of the NHPA (national horseshoe pitching association). But disc is way cooler

There is also a considerable amount of nepotism in our sport. Most people that have played for several years would rather the sport stay the way it is and keep the courses clear of crowds so that they can play whenever they want.

I love playing disc golf, but wouldn't watch it live. I have been to tournaments and it's not fun to watch. I am one of those people who would prefer the sport to not become mainstream. i feel that in the 7 years I have played it has already become to mainstream

I LOVE Watching Disc Golf. I do almost on a Daily basis. Watching the Pro's play has made me a better player, IMO. I have EVERY Clash DVD and I study them OVER AND OVER. The guys that can throw and do it for a living are GREAT to learn from. Plus, I really DO enjoy watching it. It is more exciting than Football for me ANY DAY. 

As far as ESPN covering it, I hope it happens, but I don't think it would be any time real soon....

I love the sport the way it is, no large corporations controlling the sport with greed in mind.

People like to watch fast moving sports with a lot of action.  Not disc golf.

Disc golf will continue to grow on the casual player and competitive amateur player side, but those two elements need to get a lot bigger to support mainstream sponsorship and TV contracts. 

For at least 20 years disc golf has been "five years away from really getting big."

it's not bad watching videos and if the coverage was more like ball golf, I would definitely watch. But tournament disc golf has such a slow pace- playing in events is no where near as fun as playing with friends (because of the pace, and the fact that it feels organized)

I think it's great that the sport is growing. More people that play the more/better courses we get. Hopefully, it can stay under the media radar- like a good band that has big followings but never is played on the radio. How often do you hear Dylan or the Dead on the radio? Let's keep disc golf from becoming Pearl Jam or U2

See, I hate watching Ball Golf. It seems to me like ball golf has a Way Slower pace than Disc Golf. It is probably because I am Biased though, and don't care that disc golf does take so long. 

It would be cool if they could get coverage of at LEAST half of the course at once, so then you are getting to see more than just the lead card, even when they are standing around. I would like to see some of the other groups, so when the lead card is moving on, you can see some other groups Throwing. Like in the Clash TOURNAMENT DVD's. Billy Crump Rules...

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