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I've been playing disc golf "seriously" for about a year now (little less). In that short time, I've noticed a huge popularity increase in the game at a seemingly exponential level. When I first started playing at places like Cass Benton and Kensington Metropark, I could get through with a couple friends very quickly, sometimes without being held up at a hole once. This would happen even on weekends occasionally. Now, even on weekdays after work, I can't go without massive hold-ups and waiting.

I think that the upsurge in popularity is great for the sport. I'm sure that this trend will continue, and will get dg exposure on a much wider scale.

However, with this popularity has come irritation. People come out to the courses with seemingly little or no sense of etiquette. There will be groups as large as 12 or so players that just hang out on tee boxes, don't keep up speed of play, and WON'T LET YOU PLAY THROUGH. It is beyond obnoxious. I know that other people have similar complaints, including littering, loudness, etc. Disc golf has a stigma of being a very relaxed, laid back, even lazy sport, but some people have taken this idea and made it a hassle for other players. I don't want to come off as up-tight; I think that the sport is and should be accessible to everyone. However, I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to play in an environment that is both relaxed and appropriate.

I think that the recent increase in courses will help. Some parks have started charging for disc golf, and the small fee is worth paying, because I think it creates a sense of ownership and respect. Anyone else have thoughts? Thanks for reading my vent.

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No special thoughts but I have noticed the exact same thing here in washington state i've been playin for about 2 years and now have to venture to less known about courses just to not have to set up camp on each tee box. I think it's great for the sport but myself i don't like having to wait and wouldn't mind payin a couple bucks every day that I play if it caused less back ups on courses
Many disagree with me, but I think it most likely that the rise of pay to play for those who want well-maintained courses, no vandalism, natural beauty, and well-designed courses - is inevitable.

I love the fact that disc golf is such an egalitarian sport, where anyone can play with (and beat) anyone else, no matter what else they do in life. But a side effect of low entry fees is people who abuse the course and other players. And I don't mean that people who can afford to pay are more protective of the courses, but that when you have pay to play, the course owner (or manager) knows who is using the course and therefore can get a closer look at who the vandals are.
I can't wait for more courses to become pay-to-play. I think the courses will be nicer and the overall experience of playing will be much better.
all for pay to play. i dont know if the # of courses will be able to keep to players with out pay to play and clubs who adodt the courses and push the powers at be to build more.
Free Parks,
NO rules.
You get what you pay for unfortunately.
If I'm playing and get stuck behind a large group,I'll skip their hole and come back to it later.I find this both easier and faster than debating the topic with the large group.Secondly we need more of both free and pay courses,for all those well stated reasons.Remember we all have diverse goals at the course.
One important way a lot of people doing something contributes to it being "great" is when they throw money at it. When a group of twelve is carrying $100 worth of discs they bought at the local shop three years ago and $200 worth of alcohol they bought at the nearest gas station ten minutes ago, this may not be the best equation for disc golf's success.
$200 for one round?
Is alcohol allowed in your public park?
Here open the can of worms....
Sorry love it when you find beer cans all over the course....
I saw something new at Kensington today. It was noon on Thursday and raining and the course still had lots of golfers and more continually arriving!!

Normally casual golfers are found only in fair weather! What is the world coming to?

I stopped playing afternoon/evening leagues at Kensington and Cass Benton years ago. A 4 or 5 hour round is too slow to be fun (and barely tolerable in a tournament setting).

Overflowing public courses are part of the growing pains of our sport. We are still probably quite a bit away from having disc golf country clubs. Too bad. I'm ready to join.
Mark you are the most qualifed person I know to start one. Their is a 9 hole ball golf coure in my area that is out of business.you could be a snow bird!(lizard)
The lodge in pawuska oklahoma is a pay to play course and has camping and rv hookups on privately owned land! mabee its not that far away? it was designed by kevin mccoy. and boast and island hole and 2 courses.
Thanks Steve, but I don't want to start or own a disc golf country club, I just want to join one. And hopefully one very close to my home. Florida may be lovely but it is a long way away.

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