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I'm new to this sport and in this area they only play regular disc golf rounds and doubles.  I have been seeing other games mentioned on these forums.  Like skinz? or riptz revenge, things like that.  Can someone direct me to a place, or explain to me different game variations?  I'd like to try some new fun stuff with the group I started out with the year we've been at it.

Much appreciation my friends!

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one that i've heard of (have yet to play) is safari what you do is start at any tee in the park but you pick out diff. baskets to go for but you have to do all tees and all baskets not doubling on any puts a new spin on some stuff can get crazy if there are a lot of people at the course so you may want to do it WAY before peak hours
At my local course last winter a friend of mine ran a doubles league and if there were five people we'd play WOLF.
WOLF: Requires 5 players.

*Flip for order, 1-5. Player 1 tees first on hole #1, #6, #11, #16..etc, rotate the order like so.
*The object of the game is to collect the most points, each hole being worth 1 point, and points may carry if no one wins a hole, that's up to you, I'd carry them over.
*The player first up on the tee throws their drive, then has to make the decision whether they want to play the hole by themselves, against the other 4 players as a team using best shot. This is called going wolf. If they do this, and win the hole (say you go wolf and get a 2, and the team of players gets a 3 using best shot), you get DOUBLE points, or 2 points for the hole, all to yourself.
*If you throw your drive and decide you don't want to risk playing against 4 others as a team, then you go 'shopping' for a teammate.
*The next player throws, and you have to choose whether you want to take them as a partner vs. the other 3 players. If you do, you must call it before the next person drives!!
*Then, you play the hole as a team of 2 vs. a team of 3, with whoever you choose or ended up with. The winning team each gets the points, so either 2 people get a point or 3 people do, or if you tie the hole, nobody does and the next hole can be worth 2 points if you play with carry-over point.
*The person at the end of the day (we often play moreeee than 1 round, such as 20 holes to even it out), is the winner, and you might have to play off.

This game allows for anyone of any skill level to play against other people and have an almost equal chance of winning, so it's fun for all.
I have played a game in ball golf called PIG where everyone tees off in the same order with the person who teed off first moving to the back on the next hole. The last person can pick a team mate after their throw but before the next person tees off. Low score on the hole wins the points (when you pick a team mate it is split between the two). The person who is picked has the option after everyone tees off to "WOLF" it- meaning he is playing against everyone else. If the person who tees off last doesn't pick anyone then he "PIG"s it- meaning he is playing against everyone else. Probably not the same game.
We once in a while play a one disc round. Or ace race (one throw per hole). Ript is by far my favorite.
Ript Revenge is a card game that involves skins, havent played it yet. I cant get the link to work but you can find it on discgolfcenter under accessories.

skins is fairly easy to explain. i think it came from ball golf as well. group of people, doesnt matter how many, play regular or doubles. lowest strokes on each hole wins a skin that has a predetermined amount. i have played $0.25 and $0.50 per skin. if all par, skin moves to next hole until only one person/team in the group out does all others by a stroke or more. at the end of the round anyone that has more skins than you, you owe the balance of skins, so you could end up owing everybody money.
Wolf can get fun if your playing with like ten people and its three on seven. You push alot of holes but we usually play quarter skins so you can cash like twenty bucks if you get all the skins.
I have my own virgion of Skins... 18 CTP's, and No penalty strokes!

once a month our club does "diablo doubles" 1st 6 holes are worst shot, next 6 are alternating shot, last 6 are best shot.
this kind of skins is much more fun
those girls look a little young. I like the idea though.
I love to play skins. The variation we play is validation. You get the skins by winning the hole, but you need to par the next hole to keep them (validate). I coughed up 6 skins the other day because I didn't know that a basket had been moved and failed to validate. Ouch! Still there aint nothing like taking it the group and with quarter skins you are only looking at a max payout of $4.50. Wolf is too much of a pain for me because you have to do all of the accounting (who has how many points). To each his own but I love a good game of skins.
That's not disc golf, that's Ultimate!!!!

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