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Hello, I’m looking for some info from veteran players who have experienced the durability of different plastic types.  I mainly have thrown innova discs so have become more accustomed to innova plastic, but would like to hear about all the different plastics.  My experience with innova plastic has been that champion plastic hardly beats in at all (I have only been playing about a year though), star plastic beats in within about a month or two of frequent playing and holds its flight pattern, dx plastic beats in quickly and pro plastic seems to come closest to flight ratings right out of the box and holds them with little variation (again I have only been playing about a year).  I am also wondering how long pro plastic will hold its flight characteristics since I have come to really like this plastic and am hoping I can throw a pro plastic disc for a year or more (assuming I am not hitting trees all week during play, lol)   Any info will be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!!

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I loved the feel of pro plastic,but found it beat in alot faster then my dx did so i just went to star.But with that said i do play on courses that have  alot of trees so i abuse them pretty good.lol.

I love Star Plastic because it is very durable. Good grip as well.

champ/z/opto = most durable, lasts for months (or years) not that good of glide compared to other plastics. opto is the most durable

star/esp/goldline = not as durable as champ/z/opto, but generally more grippy, better glide, and  overall good balance of all the plastics. Goldline is the most durable

Pro/x/grip/zero = beats in fairly quickly but not like dx or pro d. Fairly good grip when dry and glides better then premium plastics. Grip is grippy and quite durable. Zero is soft and not as durable as grip.

Dx/Pro D = base plastics as your know they beat in pretty much one or two rounds, but can be cycled through easily and cheaply. People say they have the best glide compared to star/champ


This is general info about the 3 brands that i consider the most popular (Innova, Discraft, Latitude 64) You can find more info around on the web as well, but this is the basic run-down. I do not have much experience with some plastics like pro-D, but this is the information gathered around on other disc-golf related sites like this one. From my experience with star/champ/pro/dx/goldline, star/goldline is a great in-between of glide and durability compared to champ/z/opto. Champ/z/opto is also more stable then star. I have had a star disc break in about 4-6 months, compared to my champ disc which took about a 1 and 2 cars running over it going 40 mph on a main street road. It went from overstable to stable (champ viking) My buzzz in z went from stable to slightly understable in about a year. My dx roc is stable, but lost its over-stability after a few rounds. My pro firebird (traded it used) was overstable for about 2-3 months, then became slightly overstable. In my opinion, goldline and opto are the most durable and strongest of the plastics. I have hit a light pole 6 feet on a full strength drive, with no strach to it. Others say opto is the same, just stronger then goldline and more stable. I hope this will help you a lot on picking discs.

I find some disc are better by line, some examples. I like Pro Wraiths and Pro Katanas, All Discraft Mids I like Z plastic. Most Innova drivers I like in Star plastic, and I carry a few DX disc for rainy days. So every line has its own advantage for your throwing style. Lat64 Opto and Gold line are just Awesome disc, I think there going to blow Innova and Discraft out the water in a few years. 


Pro plastic tends to beat in rather quick but I feel its the best flying plastic. If I'm in a long drive contest, I'll be throwing Pro line. As for throwing as long as a year...... Thats asking alot out of Pro line, now say you start with a pro destroyer (overstable disc) after a years play it may be your best understable disc. Now if your playing a course with few trees to hit you time line will be longer obviously.


So I'm not really partial to any one type of plastic. They all feel fine and I throw them all well. I do like that innova champion plastic will last a long time before I will have to replace my go to discs. I just need to find a champion plastic driver that flies like my pro wraith and a champ fairway driver like my pro leopard.
Im tryin a star wraith but it is super overstable even after throwing it for 3 weeks...can't get any kind of anny on it.
Any suggestions?
your star wraith will beat in nicely trust me, just give it a bit of time. Try a river in replace of a champ leo. You might like that. If anything you could also try an Archon. I hear its like a broken in wraith thats a bit flippy but in a good way.

You may want to look into a Champ Wraith in a lighter weight or move to a less stable disc like a Champ Sidewinder or Valk. Star Wraith as of late have been way overstable for a Wraith, I asked Innova about this and they said they where working on the problem.


Again with the Leopard I would try a Lighter Champ one.  Or as hybrid said you could go with a Lat64 Vision or or River


Also a Lat 64 Flow has replace my wraiths, the Opto plastic is just like Champion but better. 

So Innova actually told you the star wraith mold has been way overstable lately?  That sucks.... I have a KC 12X Star Wraith.  It def seems way overstable.  Still throwing it hoping it breaks in.  


I totally forgot about the weight variable for discs.  Not sure I even want to add that to the equation.  I usually stick w/ the 174 - 175's, but I guess I could try something a bit lighter for a little less stability.  Thx for the tip. :)


Have tried the River and prefer the leopard.... my friend has a opto flow so I'll try throwing that.  Thx again! :)

Have been working with that star wraith I have to try to break it in and that thing is absolutely not a wraith.  When I first started throwing it it would just immediately dive off to the left (I'm a bhrh thrower) and I thought I was just throwing it nose up and not flat enough.  After throwing that thing for awhile today out in a field, and even getting my friend to throw it, it definitely is not me.  The thing is even more overstable then my champion xcal or even my star max.  WTF!!  Terrible!!

My Star Wraith is the same way, the damn thing is a meathook. It does fly pretty good into a headwind though.As for your question about pro plastic, I've found that mine held their flight ratings for about 4-6 months, part of that might be due to the fact I'm getting a lot more snap than I used to.

If you got the money to take a chance on a disc, buy one in the 167-169g range. I think you will love it, way easier to throw and you should add a little D too. My bag went from all max weight to to just 1-2 depending on the wind. I even have a couple 161g's for woods play. Most would be about 167-172g depending on stability.
I'll try some lighter weights. Thx for the tip

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