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Anyone here ever throw a disc that they were totally disappointed in? I played a round with an Avenger SS in FLX plastic and I thought it was awful. I just could not get it to fly the way it was intended. It was a bummer because I usually love Discraft drivers. To me this one was a dud.

You can read the review on my blog if you have the time.

Any thoughts?

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um where do I start? 08 thrower roc, this most inconsistant disc ive ever thrown. The groove, mine went from more overstable than a boss to flying like a beat up dx valk in about 5 throws. oh and innova in general, it got really old buying the exact same disc in the exact same plastic and weight and having them do completly diff things, minus the roc hard to find a bad one in dx or kc
I would have to say. ANY Discraft driver I've ever bought! Minus my 150 class Flick. I just can't get those suckers to fly for me, but I still buy them. I have a Z Stalker that makes a nice paper weight! Now I'm not a Discraft hater either. I love their midrange stuff (Drone and Buzzz)
oh man I threw a proto stamp stalker today that thing was bangin! just like a buzzz but waaaay longer
Ever throw a Z XS or ESP Surge or Z Predator? The Surge especially for me is fantastic, but the other two are really passable drivers. Avengers, Flashes, Pulses, and XLs are all pretty great too, but aren't in the bag. Actually my only discraft driver is the Surge though. If I ever get discraft sponsored I'm ready to jump right in though. :-) I putt with challengers and drive with zones. Great stuff..want to get a drone as well.
I'm pretty sure I can say. I've tried them all. The only one that came close to staying in my bag was the XL, but then my daughter threw it in the water. I just always find an Innova counter part that works better for me. You will love the Drone on those windy days or for those hyzer shots. Get it in Z plastic if you can still find one. It's not the most overstable of the plastics, but it will fly true much longer than the others.
I guess I remember you giving imput on the pred vs firebird thread, so my bad there. I guess mostly I've found your statement: "I always find an innova counterpart that works better," to be true...somewhat begrudgingly.

I'm not sure that I really NEED the drone in my bag, but I'm curious about it. I already carry a teerex-x, firebird, a champ roc, and a zone in my bag for those overstable needs. I throw the zone a LOT now though and that peaked my interest in the drone.
the drone is sweet ive got one in Z from worlds this year and its the best forehand midrange ive thrown, oh and its a good bit more overstable than the zone too
A long time ago I recieved a FLX Surge in a trade, and I thought it could be the disc that changed the game of disc golf for me. It feels real good in my hand, its to bad that it throws like a piece of junk.
The other disc I that really let me down was an ESP Tracker. I love my Elite Z Tracker, and throw it %60 of my drives, I bought and ESP Tracker just for something a bit different, in a different color. It throws alright, but not nearly the same as my Elite Z Tracker, in fact it throws like a completly different kind of disc.
i pulled out my flx avenger ss yesterday and thought it was amazing that day when i baught it though it was a dud i guess its just the timing
Honestly, I know people swear by them, but I just can't get a Buzzz to work for me. Happiest day in my life was replacing the Buzzz and Wasp with 2 DX Rocs. It's wierd I know, but that's why it was so dissapointing. But everyone hates the Groove, but I can throw mine a good 20 to 30 feet farther than any other disc in my bag and do it accurately.

I got a free Raging Inferno DT. That thing is insanely overstable, it's pretty much unthrowable, I was dissapointed in that after readong some solid reviews on it. I now use it VERY effectively for overhand throws. If you have that insanely overstable disc that you can't throw, pull it out and throw a thumber with it, then it might find a place in your bag again.
Try a Pro Starfire or Pro Wraith !
Spectra! Thought for sure those pretty super colors would throw better than that. LMAO


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