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Being new to the sport I've only a few discs most of which are Innova and a few Discraft discs.  Is there really much difference between the brands?  Does everyone have a preference?

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All the manufacurers make great stuff. Not all molds from every company is great or consistent, or will work for all individuals throwing styles, but they work for somebody.


It will really come down to what is readily available where you are, what you can afford, which plastic feels best, what looks cool, and which company philosophy coincides with yours.


I'm a Discraft guy cuz they are the most consistent........Horse dookie.

I'm an Innova guy cuz they are the most innovative.......Bull pucky.

I'm an MVP guy cuz they make the best flying disc.......Pig spit.

I'm a Lat64 guy cuz their discs are the coolest.......Cat scat.


Competition amongst the many many companies out there right now is making for some great product coming out from all the manufacturers. Unless you are sponsored by one of them, spread your purchasing dollar around til you find the discs you just can't do without.

Go out and buy discs from as many manufacturers as you can and try them out. Skyquest, Legacy, Westside Discs, Lat64, DGA.

Everyone does have a preference, but they differ. I like Innova and Latitude 64 drivers and a mix of Discraft and Innova mids. Why? because that's what ended up making me feel more comfortable when I throw. I've also grown to love the high end plastics (CE, Star, Z, and Gold Line). Does it make a diff in my game? YES! but only when I loose one :)

The only true rule I follow was based on a comment by Dave D. of Innova. I'm paraphrasing this.....The faster discs (drivers) use Star, because it's a faster plastic (chemistry stuff). Mids use Champion, because it doesn't "break in" as quickly (more durable). Now this can be the same for other companies too..... GL vs Opto or ESP vs Z plastic.

Now having said that. Some people like the "cheaper" plastics, because they break in quick and are not as painful money wise to replace.

So the best advise I could give you. Don't become a company man, unless they sponsor you :) Be open to trying diff stuff, because you may miss out on "that disc". Case in point, the only disc that has NEVER left my bag since day one. Is my Champion Gator. For me, it's money close in, but it's not a disc many people rave about. Sorry for being clear as mud, but it would be wrong for me to say.."this is the plastic" or "this is the disc".



Yeah, I think most of my discs are Innova's because I have two sporting goods stores near me that only carry Innova.  There's a little hole in the wall Disc Golf store called "Up In The Air" by me that carries a bunch of different brands but every time I drive by they're not open.  That's actually where I bought my Discraft Z Buzzz.
I'll probably have to go online and order some of those brands because around me there are very few stores that actually have discs.  The only ones around that consistantly carry them only carry Innova.  I don't have any problem with Innova, I actually like their product a lot, I would like to try some other brands out though.

Gateway makes the best putters-if you haven't tried any of these, find a friend with a beat up magic, wizard, warlock, or voodoo- feel it and putt with it a couple times...

I am also new to the sport...8 months in and counting and I have purchased Innova, Disccraft, Lat 64, DGA, Rip Disc, and Vibram. I am finding discs in each of these brands that I really enjoy throwing. Vibram is my personal favorite because, for how I throw personally, I am able to be most accurate with them. 

But, in addition to asking loads of questions on here and from my favorite sales people, I bought some nice variety lots on Ebay that had the added bonuses of being broken in, cheaper than new, many different molds and types of plastic, etc. So, I recommend finding some disc lots in a price range you are comfortable with, buy them, and take them out for a spin!

That's awesome advice, thanks a lot!  Te stores that I go to buy my discs right now don't have anyone dedicated to the area and they're pretty big sporting goods stores so there's really no one to talk to about it.  The one specialty store I have by me is hardly ever open so I can't really talk to anyone there either.  The disc lot on eBay is a really good idea though.  Thanks!
Yeah, I actually really unaware of other companies out there aside form Discraft and Innova.  Seeing all the other brands out there I realized that I need to venture out and try some new ones.
I don't really have any friends that play disc golf.  My brother in law does but he lives further away an his back is all messed up so he hardly ever gets a chance to go out and play.  I'll have to go try out some Gateway putters though.  Thanks for the advice.


GREAT idea sir!

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