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Small Diameter Discs versus Larger Diameter Discs

Is it a personal preference issue or is there some aerodynamics that would make one choose one type over the other.

A small diameter disc would allow one a fraction of inch clearance on a obstacle that would be hit with a larger diameter. That is one thought I have had.

Would two disc with same rim design and weight but different diameters fly totally different? It might matter how the extra weight was distributed on the smaller diameter (rim, flight plate, etc...)

Just something I was pondering today.

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For me, it depends on the purpose. I like small diameter drivers (wide rim, I have large hands). I prefer large diameter mid range discs, they just seem to glide better with less effort and then sit down nicely. I like small diameter putters, seems like there is more margin for error. Just personal preference.
Well as far as physics go you will be able to generate more rpms on the smaller diameter discs if you apply all the same forces to both. The extra rpms would allow the smaller ones to stay stable in the air longer. However the larger diameter allows the disc to catch more air underneath and creates more glide.

If you compare the Wraith and the avenger they are very similar, at least they fly similarly for me. For some reason I always throw my wraiths at least 60ft further than my avenger but maybe its because I just don't know all the nuances of it. I like both and choose which to bomb with depending on how I'm feeling but I think the wraith has just as much glide if not more because of how its rim is made or something and I think that may be what makes the difference because it already has more spin on it if I give them equally powerful throws.

Actually the two discs that I've thrown the farthest ever are the teebird and the valkyrie which are both small diameter. I get almost as much distance with teebirds as my wraiths and avenger but with a larger percentage of accuracy.

I have wondered about the small and large diameter discs myself and the experiment I want to conduct is with a champ coyote and a champ panther. They seem like the EXACT same disc in your hand except the panther is small diameter and the coyote is large diameter. You'd have to figure out diameter to weight ratio and make that percentage equal for it to actually be a fair test and since its late and I don't feel like doing math right now I'll just say that the panther will have to weigh less than the coyote for them to have the same ratio. Then you could test them against each other and see which ones perform better at what tasks.
I give a disc a lot of torque, so I prefer a larger diameter, so.... I really dont have much more than that.
to me the differences in most discs as far as diameter is so minute I don't think it has as much effect on the flight path as the many other variables there are. in other words... I don't think I would notice a difference if I threw 2 of the exact same disc the exact same way but with one having the typical difference in diameter that we have in most discs.

now a jaguar.. THAT'S a large diameter disc !!!
Small hands >> entire bag is small diameter

It took me quite a while to find a good mid-range since most people push the Roc or Buzzz which are both large diameter. I've settled on the (champion) Spider, but also use the Panther for anhyzers and Gator for hyzers.
Here's something to ponder: How come the limit is 21.2 mm? Wouldn't a smaller disc be much easier to putt? Lightning discs first run f15 came out too small and after a few weeks of bombing them around Bart we got the bad news.

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