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I've been messing around with trying to dye some of my discs, mainly Star plastic. I have been trying to do the paint on  Method using RIT Liquid dye with rubbing alcohol at a 2:1 ratio, and I am not having any success the dye mix is too liquidy and I am having a hard time achieveing a thicker paste. If any one can offer any advice or tips I would appreciate it, I am trying to avoid any boiling methods which may deform my disc. Thank you.

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Try putting some clear liquid soap in with your mix. Painting is about the only kind of way I haven't tried yet. Make sure the cap on the Rit dye dosn't say "ND"  


For example it may say ----  Good----  Made in USA ------- Bad-------  Made in USA "ND"    

              012710                                       042711



Also If you go to the Boiling method, the dye only need to be warm. I go until it starts to steam a little then let it cool down until I can touch the man and not burn myself, then I put the disc in. 

I use more like a one to one ratio.  You must get the strongest rubbing alcohol you can!!  90+% is needed. This is the formula that works for all of my dyes so far.

(See photo to the left...)

What kind of plastic are you trying to dye?  Is the disc pretty well beaten in?

Also, make sure you shake the dye bottle well!!! the color pigments tend to settle on the bottom.  Shake it well enough so that when you pour a little out for use, it should be almost foamy, with lots of bubbles.

Im trying to die star plastic on a new disc, I used both 90% and 70%, maybe its like you said I need to shake the bottle more. When you die your disc are you dong the paint method as well? what kind of consistency are you getting (thick paste or watery?) how long do you let it dry for?

Hmm... then the plastic isn't the problem.   it's not paste-like, but when using black dye for example, i can't see through it at first once i pt it on the disc.  It's not thick enough though that i feel i could just free hand some kind of paint job with a brush or anything.  


As simple as it may sound, i honestly think just giving the dye a good shake might do it. Give the rubing alcohol a good shake too, just in case.  I had the same problem as you when first starting to dye discs, and the shaking and stirring helped me significantly.


Would you be interested in a video and/or some pics if I got around to it?

 P.S. Don't let anyone tell you the paint method is bad.  I've found it works the best and uses the least amount of dye as well.  I can, for example, turn a white disc into a shiny black with just a tablespoon each of Rit Dye and 91% rubbing alcohol.

Awesome I'm gonna give it another run after work today, i've seen a few youtube video's on the paint method and it's like you said, I have just been failing at it so far, maybe a simple shake willl solve my problems, how long do you let it dry to get a nice dark finish?

As long as i'm not trying to do multiple colors or shading, there's no harm leaving it on until it dries (about an hour or so).  Plus, if you rinse it off but leave on the contact paper, you can just dye it again without any worries.  


What's the design you're going for, if you don't mind me asking?


Right now I'm keeping it real simple, Just a star with some text. But my ultimate goal once I figure out the Dye process is to put the Logo on profile pic on some discs...


Some of the RIT dyes aren't working with the new formula either, especially the ones in the bottle.
There was a recent link by Daddy dragon on here,perhaps the months of July-August.Use  search,there are many talented members that offer ideas,help.
Hey Eric my dye does say " ND" on the cap, maybe that is the reason why it's not working...thanks
Look at my first post for some info on that. The ND shows that it's the new formula and it will not let the disc hold dyes. I'll add the link later that has more info. Simple answer if the cap of liquid says ND it no good. Or on the back of the package of powder (pack it's self not box). Any box or liquid that ends in 09 or less is safe, the number to look for is the last two digets ####08. If it ends in 10 you may be ok but still need to check for the ND on the pack.



Here is some good info on the good/bad dye


Also you may want to check you the forum, lots of good tips and info about dying from this forum


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