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What do you think of the idea of installing a single disc golf basket in several parks to help promote the sport? Many parks have basketball hoops and volleyball courts and if a basket was installed where people could just practice putting or there could be the rules to a putting game on it or even different spots to throw from. Also a sign that describes what disc golf is and how many courses are in the Nation, how long its been around, how many tourney's etc....


The reason I think it might be a decent idea is 6 years ago I didn't even know what disc golf was and never saw a basket before and I live in Metro MN where there is 100+ courses. Plus there are several people I tell about disc golf and they don't even know what it is. This could be a way that families and kids get involved in playing since it would be right next to a playground.


Let me know your thoughts, if its totally stupid I'll just pretend I never thought about it!

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I like this idea.

I didn't know what the deal with the game was either, I remember people telling me about it, and even seeing discs in shops, but even after that I still didn't understand how the game could be different from throwing frisbees at trees, which I played with friends on a campus "course" -which wasn't a real course at all. I lived next to a real course and still didn't know what the game was all about. I was into playing mainstream sports and then later ultimate with friends, and even after all that I still had no idea what the game was really about until an acquaintance asked me to go play. And even after that I wasn't about to pay $8 to $18 for a disc. (until i was hooked). Frankly, If I were still 16-29 and wanted to get out and play a sport with friends it'd be basketball or ultimate, but those days are gone! This sport is great for people who like to get out on their own or with a group. The problem for local rec folks like us (to me) is, why do WE want the sport to grow? At the best courses it's already turned into a ridiculous clusterfuck, with groups of 8 and 10 and babies crying and vandalism. Until we get more courses the sport is big enough already! It's time for manufacturers and others profiting from the sport to return some of those profits (which i know are still minimal) back into building more courses. Ball golf is so exclusive to keep the yahoos off of the quality courses. The same will be true for disc golf if the sport ever really takes off. You can't mix 40s, coke, and weed with a real sport.
After that reply and the fact that I played a course yesterday that was packed with groups of 8-10, I think you're right and it is time for more professional, and difficult courses that may not even be fun for rec players. I love your last line, hilarious!
I've wanted to do this for Elbel Field (U of Mich. campus just 2-3 blocks from half of student housing and the Big House). I think once known (and extremely secured to the Earth..) a basket there would not only offer a place for students to practice putting but show disc golf to 100's of 1,000's passerby every year. The Throw Shop will sponsor the basket if anyone can make this happen.
Great Idea. I take my kids to an Awesome park up the road from our house. I throw discs in the field right next to the play ground while they play. I get some funny looks from people like, "What the hell is that guy doing?". If there was even just 1 basket there, it WOULD expose DG to a BUTTLOAD of people. Terrific Idea Jeremiah.
Great idea, the more people that know about the sport, the more people wanting more courses, and more people talking to city's, and park and rec departments.

This was done in Chico last year, where several small parks received 2-3 baskets each. I think a total of 6 parks had them installed. I know that some of my friends practice on them, but I don't know of anybody who has been "recruited" into the sport because of them. I'm sure that people must drive by them and ask "WTF"?


Putting DG on TV is a better way to promote the sport IMO (ie Disc Golf Live). More effective and WAY cheaper too.

I wish they would put in a basket or two at our local park. I live in Branch county in Michigan. This county is literally a disc golf black hole.....there is not a single course in Branch county. As a matter of fact there isn't even a single hiking trail in Branch county.....to many greedy land owners here....the one park we have is big enough for at least a 9 hole, they have everything else....Basketball courts, tennis course, tubing hill, multiple baseball and softball diamonds, volleyball courts, indoor basketball and volleyball facility, a gigantic community pool with a water slide and get this.......a skate park.....yes a skate park, but no effin DG.......My closest DG course is a 30 minute drive.....in another county.....BRANCH COUNTY YOU SUCK!!!!!
Throw this idea at your next Parks Rec meeting with a  fellow dger's,club memebers are good resource, that will explain what dg is about.Signage is important so those using the park do not use the baskets as"grills"..it's happened.
I always thought that the road stops on the freeway would be a good spot. Take a pee, get a snack, take a couple putts. Itd be a great way to get out of the car and stretch.

As a state with a ton of courses, I wish it was highligted in state tourism media.

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