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I want to hear the best disc breakdowns you've ever seen.  Kicking bags, discs, your ass, whatever.  Disc golfers going ape shit!  Please for those of you that dont have breakdowns, lets keep the shame, shame, comments to yourself and enjoy the stories.

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i didn't see it just heard the story 2 guys come down for a mini from about an hour and a half away and smell like a brewery before the round even starts. during the round one throws the other guys disc into the schule and dosn't try to go get it they start name calling then one guy throws his disc into the others nose from close range body slams wwf style breaks out the td comes racing over breaks it up with help dqs them funny thing is thinking about them having to drive home an hour and half together.
I saw one guy kick his bag from one tee pad the the next... man he was pissed! I couldn't help but laugh about it... Although I have been know to throw out a loud F bomb once in a great while... I try to laugh it off for the most part....
wow...that guy must have either had a small bag or a sore toe!
Watched a dude in Gainsville during the Gator Country Classic 4......have a complete meltdown...kicked and threw his bag farther than some of his shots.

At home..one of our more colorful players....back in the day...stood on 3A after a bad shot...started twirling his bag by the strap...like a mace or Flail. He launched that thing straight up and into the middle of the widest part of 3's pond....and just walked away professing his love of the game.
I was on the course a few weeks ago with a group of six playing doubles. Our college's disc golf team was have a photo shoot as they were going to the Collegiate Championships in a week and local news wanted to get some info and pictures. When they were on hole six another guy was throwing on hole 4, which runs parallel. The guy's drive was amazing for a recreational player leaving him about 20' from the basket. Stoked to get a birdie he lines up, shoots and hits chains only to be spat out like three day old baby food. He proceeds to start cursing at the top of his lungs and jump up and down. The culmination of this tantrum is him grabbing his bag and hucking it the thirty odd feet from bag to target and sinks the bag. All we saw after the meltdown was the coach looking menacing walking over to him and talking quietly.

I caught up with the guy a few days later and asked what the coach had said, expecting him to be chewed out. He smiled and said "Asked me if I wanted to join the team."
Saw this dude throwing on this river hole throws a great shot right at the basket hooking it passes the shoreline looks like a ace run, then wack hits a 3" little tree and straight back into the water. Just like in tin cup this guy empties his bag one after another of prgressivly worse shots all going into the water, I couldn't help but start lauging when I saw dude grip his challenger and rip it ten feet in front of him into the deepest part of the river.
We certainly have some ice holes in my town, but I'm not sure it matches what I've already read.

Cork sucker 1: M.O.
Young guy, real hot head was trying to cheat an OB in a tourney and the TD, on my card - the hole behind, caught him and forced him to play by the rules. This obvioulsy affected the hot head's score. At the end of the event he was threatening the TD saying he was going to beat him down, etc. The TD had enough and DQ'd him. The same TD running another tourney the next week wouldn't take his money because of the threats that were delivered the week prior. At this time the hot head threateded to kill the TD if he didn't enter him in the tournament. Reluctantly he let him in but made sure it would be his last event.

Cork Sucker 2: R.R.
This guy is actually even worse than the one lsited above, since he is in his 40s or 50s and the hot head from scenario 1 is in his early 20s. Anyway, there is a dvd that circulates locally that has this dude blowing up and dropping every version of the F bomb for like 2 holes, kicking the piss out of his bag with every step. It is entertaining, but this guy is a cancer for the sport - no wonder he is sponsored by GDS.
Anyway the same guy's drive got knocked down by a tree guarding the basket in league, so he came back later that night after the park was closed and cut the tree down with a chainsaw. Now we have an annual tourney here called the "Chainsaw Massacre " Funny part is, the jerk off that cut the tree down has volunteered to run the event the last 3 years, but never actually showed up on tournemant day

Cork sucker 3: D.O.
I've run into this "pro" at a couple events and he is a piece of work to say the least. This guy nearly came over the table at the TD for not paying him out before starting the final 9. Obviously, Devan was super pissed because he was in 3rd or 4th going into the last round (before final 9) and tanked to wind up missing the final 9 all together.

I have met a lot of good people playing this game, but I have also met the bottom of the barrel. If I had a dime for every egotistical pretentious "pro" I've met I'd be on some crusie ship in the middle of the ocean right now. These stories should be a lesson to anyone that does frequently have blow ups, you never know who is watching and listening, so keep your childish behavior to yourself!
I know players that break these rules all the time :

3.3 Professional Misconduct

A. The PDGA adopts a strict policy of appropriate behavior and comments to the media. Any conduct deemed to be unprofessional is subject to disqualification by the Tournament Director, and may also be subject to suspension from PDGA events.

B. Players are expected to behave in a professional and sportsmanlike manner while participating in a PDGA sanctioned event. Actions that are in violation of this conduct include but are not limited to:

• Loud cursing
• Throwing items in anger (other than discs in play)
• Overt rudeness
• Destruction, abuse or vandalism of property, including animals, and plant life
• Cheating or willful attempt to circumvent the rules of play
• Physical attacks or threatening behavior.
• Any activities which are in violation of Federal, State, local laws or ordinances and park regulations.
• Excessive use of alcohol or the use of illegal substances at the tournament site.
• Underage drinking

C. The use of illegal substances is forbidden from the two minute warning until the player’s scorecard is submitted. Such use shall result in immediate disqualification.

D. Consumption of alcohol is expressly forbidden from the two minute warning until the player’s scorecard is submitted. Such use shall result in immediate disqualification at a B Tier or higher event. (This rule is still in effect at “C Tier” events. However, the Tournament Director may elect to issue a warning to the offending player instead of immediately disqualifying them. If a player has been issued a warning, all subsequent violations shall result in immediate disqualification.)

E. Tournament Directors are required to report any disqualifications to the PDGA as quickly as possible.

F. Disqualified players shall forfeit any prize money or merchandise and shall not receive a refund of entry fees.

G. Players who commit Professional Misconduct may also be subject to disciplinary actions. To find out more information about the Disciplinary Process please visit www.pdga.com/discipline.

803.13 Holing Out

A. A player who fails to play any hole or fails to hole out on any hole during the round may be disqualified, at the discretion of the director, using the following guidelines:
(1) Holes missed due to late arrival may be scored and penalized according to section 804.02.
(2) Inadvertently failing to hole out (as determined by a majority of the group or an official) shall result in 2 penalty throws being added to the number of throws plus penalty throws already taken on the hole. The hole shall then be considered completed.
(3) Intentionally failing to hole out (emergency, injury, plane flight, etc.) constitutes withdrawal from competition. The player shall be withdrawn from competition and officially listed as "Did Not Finish" on the scorecard and in the event results.

B. Disc Entrapment Devices: In order to hole out, the thrower must release the disc and it must come to rest supported by the chains or within one of the entrapment sections. This includes a disc wedged into or hanging from the lower entrapment section but excludes a disc resting on top of, or hanging outside of, the upper entrapment section. The disc must also remain within the chains or entrapment sections until removed.

C. Object Targets: In order to hole out, the thrower must release the disc and it must strike
the marked target area on the object as specified by the director.

803.07 Interference

A. A thrown disc that hits another player, spectator, or animal shall be played where it comes
to rest. A thrown disc that is intentionally deflected or was caught and moved shall be marked
as close as possible to the point of contact, as determined by a majority of the group or an
official. Alternatively, for intentional interference only, the thrower has the option of taking a re-throw. Players shall not stand or leave their equipment where interference with the flight
or path of a disc could easily occur. The away player may require other players to mark their
lies or move their equipment before making a throw if the player believes that either could
interfere with his or her throw.

B. If a disc at rest on the playing surface or supported by the target is moved, the disc shall be replaced as close as possible to its original location, as determined by a majority of the group or an official. If a marker disc is moved, the marker disc shall be replaced as close as possible to its original location, as determined by a majority of the group or an official. (If the two meter penalty is in effect See also 803.08 C and D for movement of a disc above the playing surface.)

C. Any player who consciously alters the course of a thrown disc, or consciously moves or
obscures another player's thrown disc at rest or a marker disc, other than by the action of a
competitively thrown disc or in the process of identification, shall receive two penalty
throws, without a warning, if observed by any two players or an official.
So, for those people, the rule book is more like speed limits, a mere suggestion?
Hilarious! I have a friend that chucks his entire bag in to the chains on a fairly regular bases. It never gets old.
This year at the Gentlemens Club Challenge Am weekend there was a guy who was on the second card. Doing well. Then it all went down hill. He is on a with a short little hyzer and a wide double mando. Nothing to hard. Ends up missing the manditory. Misses the upshot. Misses the putt. Misses the putt. Ends up with a 7 for the hole (i think).
Here comes the fun part...
He takes his putter and bends it totally in half then in half again. Takes his score card, rips it up and throws it on the ground. Drops the putter. Picks up his bag and walks away cursing the whole time.
It for sure was a sight to see...

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