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On Tuesday the Chico CA City Council voted to remove the course from Bidwell Park. The course has been there for 20 years. It was installed before the land was a part of the park. The land was owned by B.L.M. then bought by the city of Chico and added to Bidwell Park. What do you think?

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From ChicoER.com

Disc golf supporters mulling referendum of council's action
Staff Reports
Posted: 11/20/2008 12:41:46 PM PST

Supporters of disc golf in the community are exploring the idea of a referendum to reverse the City Council's decision earlier this week to remove disc golf from upper Bidwell Park.

Lon Glazner of Chico, a spokesman for local disc golf players, has put out a call for volunteers to help collect signatures to qualify a referendum.

"We are seeking to find out if there is interest in the disc golf and broader community for a referendum. We are trying to find out how the referendum code impacts this particular council decision, and what the time frame is," Glazner wrote in an e-mail response to a reporter's inquiry.

"There does appear to be interest in supporting a referendum that would overturn the decision, however, the details are very fluid. A decision has not yet been made, but I think we'll make one soon."

Glazner hopes to find 100 volunteers willing to work over 30 days to collect 80 to 140 signatures each. A total of 4,000 valid signatures is the goal.

The referendum would overturn "Option D," which the council passed 4 to 3 on Tuesday.

The option calls for the removal of the disc golf courses off Highway 32, and the restoration of the area.

If successful, the referendum would also implement "Option C" which calls for one course at the current location, plus the construction of a beginners course in Chico.

The best way to protect the environment would be to rid yourself from the planet or go live in a tree and eat grass and mushrooms. I care for it, but those whackos could do more for the environment is such better ways if they really cared so much, like live in a tent not a house. Walk or bike and not own a car. Stop eating any packaged foods. Etc.
I played Chico this summer ......... it was a wonderful course ......... hauntingly beautiful .... volcanic rock and soils ...... nothing too pristine here ........ went to pick up my disc and got rattled at by a rattler ....... just a baby and it slid away under a roc .... 4000 acres in that park and them boneheads at city council go and screw it up ...... typical we know better than the masses mentality .......... it hurts losing a course ..... perhaps you should find a friendly lawyer and counter sue them .......... freedom of assembly or something.......... impeach them all ........... get them university kids involved ...... petition them out now.
That sux for sure. I would be on the phone to whoever can donate those baskets back to the local club and trying to find some more land to put them on. Sorry for your loss of course but I would focus on trying to replace it for sure.
I don't know why they would want to remove it because it is the most fun in Chico. I just started playing last year and my husband and I love it. It's peaceful and beautiful up there. It was mine and my husband's first date and we don't want them to remove it. Seems to me like they want to take the fun away from everyone. They can not do this. Does anyone know where we can sign the Petition for it not to be removed? My son is almost old enough now to play there it would be wrong to take it away.
Compromise could keep disc golf in upper park

i have plans to move to chico in the near future. one of my selling points is the disc golf course in upper bidwell. my home course is mc. dade in conroe tx. it would be a shame to remove a course, that i have heard so much about, before i get there. you will leave me w/ nothing to do

thats shit
That stinks. Once again, money talks. I always thought the people in Chico were a little more forward thinking than that. Too bad, but good luck in your efforts to try and reverse their vote.
No worries people. The courses in Chico are not going anywhere! This thread is almost a year old, and I'm really not sure why it has popped up again. After years of conflict, the City Council voted to keep both courses where they are, and are now in the process of realignment and "environmental mitigation". All this is covered on the Chico Disc Golf Club webpage (on this site). Disc Golf in Chico remains as it is, and will actually improve in the future!
Looks as though Griplock Doc drug this thread up from the depths of DGRUS...good news about those DGCs in Northern CA. I guess the signature petition worked! Nice!


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