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Disc Golf in Canada is free and easy ......... kind of like our health care system.

Our Medicare system is just like a long straight pull down the middle ........ very effective and takes the worry and pain of being sick in Canada. Prior to 1963 we had a system like America. Private insurance and no insurance mostly people got sick and just had to pay a bill. Doctors never got fully paid for their services and monies were hard to collect. Since Medicare's inception everybody in the country is on the same premium, usually half paid by your employer. Everybody is covered. Emergency care is treated first, no one dies from lack of care and the care is wonderful. If you need a new knee and it's not emergent you wait a year. New heart valves right away. It's a wonderful way to live assured that you have coverage.
I had a recent conversation with an American doctor while cruising on the cruise ship to Alaska. I said why are you Yanks so afraid of Medicare. He said it was basic greed. That I didn't understand.

He said all the folks that have good health coverage now and have the where with all to pay for it, don't want the universal healthcare for all because it will take away resources from them. Doctors and nurses will be not so able to just look after their high priced needs. Just basic greed. As a proud Canadian one of about 88% that love the Canadian system I say Push On get the system that covers everyone.

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Yea but wikipedia is just a place where anyone can edit it. so really anything said there I take with a grain of salt. Now david gratzer as a canadian doctor who has lived it and knows about it I tend to believe more than anything wikipedia has . You can also find several articles about the UK system that it too like the canadian system is being stressed to the breaking point. Yea its great everyone is covered but the cost is causing both countries to reevaluate their system. The UK system will have a projected deficit of 33 billion by the year 2014. They too are looking into privatizing some services.
Read this closely
The wonderuful thing about that article is that fact checking is not the issue, it is the fact that it's well known that not only is the healthcare system in the UK highly strained, Canadas is getting quite strained also. We only admit the good in such things, we also choose to ignore and omit the downfalls.

Part of the argument is can we afford a system such as this without further being taxed into poverty? Absolutely not.

The Obama administration has promised to NOT tax those that make less than a certain amount. Well then, since I don't have to pay for this, hell why not?

Well I will give you this little gem. Page 203 of the House health care bill contains this phrase VERBATIM!!!

"The taxes imposed by this chapter shall not be treated as taxes."

Pages 167 and 168 impose an income tax of 2.5 percent on any individual who chooses not to buy government health insurance. Pages 149-150 impose a tax of between 2 percent and 8 percent on the payrolls of all companies whose payrolls exceed $250,000. Pages 197 and 198 outline income tax surcharges to be imposed on individuals with incomes over $350,000, rising to a highest surcharge of 5.4 percent.

Meanwhile, as the bill specifically acknowledges imposing a tax without counting it as a tax, it also imposes all sorts of requirements that act as indirect taxes under names such as "mandates" and "requirements." Page 146 requires employers to provide insurance even for part-time workers. Page 280 begins to outline a penalty for hospitals that are adjudged to have "excess readmissions." Federal bureaucrats, of course, will determine which patient readmissions are reasonable and which are excessive. The bureaucrats will do this by following the simple rules for such determinations laid out on pages 281 and 282 ... and 283 ... and 284, 285, 286, and ... Well I'd hope you get the gist by now.
What ? " Pages 167 and 168 impose an income tax of 2.5 percent on any individual who chooses not to buy government health insurance."
Read the bills!! You don't want our option? Well you still gotta pay for it!
I like Wikipedia also. I went to the same high school as the Wikipedia guy. Sharp dude.
I currently like the fact that my heart, lungs, knees, hips, etc...belong to me and not the "state" not the government. I don't consider this thinking being greedy just not socialistic or communistic. The topic of greed and profit seem to rise entirely too much but thirst for power seems to travel under the radar.

There are real solutions to our medical system issues, but too often, for some reason, solutions that don't transfer power or repay some "non profit" or special interest group for their support, are not "sustainable" during the legislation process.

What a majority of people are upset about, is that the tactics being used and the solutions proposed are nothing more than another power grab with tax payer funded political "paybacks", in an effort to slip another 1000+ page "stimulus gotcha" by the American public, all while being told "this has to be done now..." while not fixing the identified problems in the first place. For me, being told something has to be done now, but whatever it is, won't go into effect until 2013 is kinda stupid from all angles.

That tactic has not worked well for this economy in the past few months, is getting kinda old and shows a total disconnect with reality. Sometimes, how we get somewhere is just as or even more important than getting there. The Govt. has a quick fix but a majority of Americans are looking for a long term solution, not a vote getter for one political party or ideology that is financially unsustainable unless tax revenues are increased beyond even the rates of some of our socialists neighbors and allies.

So, if some Americans are like me, they are very skeptical of the broken promises, unending rhetoric and just about everything else the administration along with the House and Congress proposes. I'm just waiting for a Skepticism Czar to be appointed to address everyone's "socialistic agenda" worries after the healthcare bill passes transferring 1/6th of the American economy to the Govt. which will move us past Social Democracies such as Germany and Britain in the amount of the economy controlled by the Government.

These are historic times whatever side you are on.
Skeptical, I wouldn't send a chalkboard and a crayon to Washington. Sure enough, they'd write on the chalkboard with the crayon not understanding that it'll never completely come clean after that, break the crayon in the process, then promptly blame it on the other party.

It's like a buncha freaking middle school kids with really really important jobs. In fact, I'm not so sure middle school kids couldn't do better.

Historic yes, but VERY VERY terrifying. I think Americans will have to start waking up soon. It's getting worse at breakneck speeds.

I vote "NO CONFIDENCE" in our Government. Yes, I have become one of the very people I used to make fun of. Paranoid of the Government. They have lost my trust.
OK, I'm back. There is no quick fix to the problem at hand, but it needs fixing. BIG TIME. I would have to put my faith in our government. Than the people who almost brought this country into another depression. So the bill might not be simple, but the choice is. Trust our Prezzz or trust the even more corrupt stuffed suits with the deep pockets who buy their congress men or women and try to cover the truth, and for me. That truth is. We already have a system that is going towards Socialized medicine (can you say Kasier Permanente?) The diff is. The Insurance Co. CEO's and the yahoos get rich and we DIE, because it's just more cost effective. We have an inside joke around here, well a couple ;) If you have heard Kaiser's new slogan. They say.. Thrive!...well we have changed it to... Survive!
I know most people don't really know what or if they are getting good care. The fact is it's so, so at best. Unless you are your own advocate. Do not think they always know what they are doing or that they are looking out for your best intrest. It's just not the case.
Again, I beg of you, talk to every legitimately disabled veteran you can find, ask them about the care given by this trustworthy government. And these veterans are people whom have gave up A LOT to serve them. Do you honestly think They'll work better for those that haven't served at all?

I can assure you as a person whom uses both forms that it's much worse than the care I'm getting from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama. Also poll as many as you possibly can whom live with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama and ask them what the care is like. I can assure you again because I pay for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama, if I need it, I get it without hassle or any other issues, for $20 per visit. And you know what else? It was one of the cheapest options available to me!

But that is just my experience, you can take it with a grain of salt if you choose. Much like Boom Booms experience with the Canadian system, several people I have had discussions with have a vastly different opinion of it, I can't fault him for his experiences and how they differ from opinions I have recieved. Experiences vary from person to person. But I have yet to hear anyone complain about BCBSA insurance.

We can fix the glaring issues of Private run insurances without a total revamp and take over of our nations healthcare system. I do not and never will support the Government handling something as important as healthcare, they have yet to prove to me they can competently accomplish anything. Since the politicians have taken over our wars we haven't officially won one, since they have taken control of a large portion of our economy it's only gotten worse, since they have interjected so much control over the job markets it has only gotten worse, since they have interjected so much control over the education systems they have only gotten worse. I'll fight until they throw me in jail before I'll allow them to control mine yours and everyone elses health care. They already control a part of mine, Thank God for BCBS of Alabama is all I have to say. Without them I'd never get any relief.
Your Dept. of Veterans Affairs sounds like ours ....... not the best .... we send our finest to Afghanistan like you have and they come back hurt and suffering and not doing so great ..... before they go it's .... if you get hurt we've got you covered ...... unfortunately the DVA isn't so great at getting them fixed and then supporting them as they recover ......... I guess all wars are kind of like that ..... war's the pits.
Yep. But the issue I have is much like the promise to bring better healthcare to more people with a Government "Option" they have promised for years to bring better healthcare to veterans, nothing has happened, it continues to be barely better than care I could give myself at home. Read the bill and find out that under the restricitons and requirements imposed the Private healthcare industry will absolutely without a doubt be killed by attrition, therefore leaving no option, and it doesn't take a genius to see how their plans will crush private insurers.

We will be allowed the option to retain our current healthcare coverage. WHOO HOOO! BUT, if you change jobs and the same insurer you currently under does not carry over to the new job the option is GONE, you must then come under the Government system. Everyone covered under the Grandfathered coverage will continue to be allowed to remain as long as the policy doesn't change. But that new child you just had will have to be brought in under the Government "Option". In time, Private insurers will lose enough that they will no longer be able to function. Competition CRUSHED. Then we get the pleasure of enjoying Government run healthcare from the very people who don't even care enough about healthcare to provide their national heroes the healthcare they both need and deserve.

How in good concience am I supposed to support such a thing? Especially with my experiences with US Government run healthcare?

Is that really what the people need? We now have Outstanding healthcare for the majority, if my Government run healthcare is any indication then we'll go from that to Pathetic healthcare for all!
We have deducted to our Medical Services plan, the funds go to the Dept. of health who in turn fund each province's Health Care Services. Each province either contracts out those services to Blue Cross who manages the system or the provincial ministry administers the system. Money goes to the feds, then it's administered by the provinces. When things are tight like they are today some procedures are slowed down as the funds aren't their to fund them. You might wait an extra 3 months for knee replacement. Nobody except them rich guys want private health care here. If they could bypass the system, go directly to a private clinic then they would taking doctors and nurses away from the public system, making the public system untenable. That's why our politicians will never allow for private healthcare here. Like I say 88% of our people love the system, it works.


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