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If you're coming to or living in Asia, come play with the rapidly-growing Disc Golf commuity in South Korea.  We have courses in Seoul, Jingyo, Yeosu, Changwan and Jeju Island.  We'd love to have you join us for some golf and world-famous Korean hospitality!


Hope to see you in Korea!


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Hey Daniel,

GREAT--we'll hold a place for you! FYI, Jingyo is just west of Jinju (you won't find Jingyo on Google Maps....)

Best, Chaz
Ok, I've been in Korea for about hmmm..19 days...already went to the Mud Festival and Jeju Island.
I live near Gimhae, and near Changwon, probably 15-20 minutes.

I was wondering if any other disc players are in the area?
I would like to get to a course sometime in the next 2-3-4 weeks or so.
let me know...would be great
and Chaz, the Busan club? any info.
thanks a lot, hope to hear from you all
Hey Ryan,

Great timing! We're doing a tourney here in Jingyo on August 28th--come and meet the guys from Busan!

Give me your email and I'll pass it on to the "Chairman" of the KPDGA Busan club...!

You are welcome to crash here, but there'll be a lot of guys here, most on the floor---if you dont mind that. Otherwise there's a hotel a couple blocks away.

Keep me posted!

Best, Chaz
Hey Daniel,

Its official---tourney here in Jingyo on the 28th! You can crash here, but there'll be lots of guys here, mostly on the floor with pads. Or, there's a hotel a couple blocks away...

Best, Chaz
So, did anyone else have to walk to work in a Typhoon today?
Well I know of at least 2 people.
Yeah, hold your umbrella sideways and hold your computer bag next to your face and hope that your umbrella doesnt get turned inside out. Oh and its totally sweet to get stopped at a crosswalk while the WavePool from noahs ark is rolling down the sidewalk.
yeah so I'm drenched. I just hope my shoes dry without gettin funky

Been here for almost 3 weeks outside of Gimhae and through the mountains to Changwon.

i hope it stops raining soon.
hey ryan,

sounds great!!!
i'm a beginner, so I don't know too much.
however, i do have a putter you can use, if u want.
my email is fmck@myself.com.
email there if you want.

ok cool. My e-mail is johnbrownsbody311@live.com
thats one of them anyways.
and yeah i am interested, but not 100% if ill be able to go...i dont get paid til aug 31st-sept 1st and I am about 90,000 W right now.
So if i really skimp and eat mandu and noodles i'll be ok, but we'll see. I dont know how I would GET to Jingyo. Taxi? Bus? probably a bus of some sorts. I am still new to "how to get around" but id love to check it out.
Hey Ryan,

You can get a bus from there to either Jinju or Jingyo. If to Jinju, then another bus to Jingyo. Ask a one of the other teachers about them buses there. If you get the bus fare, I can cover you for food while you're here, and the registration fee.

Let me know,
hey ryan,

my name is frank. i live in haman and that is pretty close to gimhae. i have never been to jingyo, but we could figure it out together if you like. i would have to take a bus to masan and then onwards. i believe masan is about thirty minutes or less from you. i would be glad to meet you in masan. let me know. anything to help.

Cool, yeah frank id like that. It would be good, I'm still a little uncomfortable traveling alone. I DO have a cellphone, but i don't really use it yet, ill share my # later.
anyway I'll look into it,
PLUS, I have a Disc that I'd like to have up for a prize, I promised a guy in the states I'd do it.
Its a Star Boss (so hopefully there are longer holes that can utilize it, we'll see.)
Speaking of which, what types of discs should I bring?
I have like 12 here, all types, i didnt really bring a putter tho, I figured Id use my mako's so id save on space.
ok yo, peaceout!
Hey Chaz,

This is Frank. Would it be better to come Fri. or Sat.?
What are the fees?
Do you have a cell phone that I can call when I get there.
Have you talked to Ryan lately?

let me know.

Hey Frank,

You have no choice but to come on Fri, unless you're driving, cuz no bus will get to Jingyo on time. The Busan team is coming Fri, and we're all "camping out" in my apartment...

No, haven't heard from Ryan for awhile.

My cell is 010-4489-4056.

Best, Chaz


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