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If you're coming to or living in Asia, come play with the rapidly-growing Disc Golf commuity in South Korea.  We have courses in Seoul, Jingyo, Yeosu, Changwan and Jeju Island.  We'd love to have you join us for some golf and world-famous Korean hospitality!


Hope to see you in Korea!


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Hey Frank...Played any DG here in Korea yet?
Hi Chaz,

Can you put me in touch with the group that plays in Seoul?


Contact Sung Kim: sb918kim20@hotmail.com And if you're ever further south, come play the TWO courses I have here in Jingyp (just west of Jinju) Best, Chaz
Ok, found out more details...I'll be heading for Busan area on July 21st...most likely be busy, I'm going to Jeju island that following weekend. then back to get more acquainted.
more to come, haha

and thanks for the packing tips!

I have a good list, but any more tips would be nice.
i guess i hear some electronics may not work even with a converter thing.
really only 2 things come to mind, : 1) my sonic care tooth brush (that thing is awesome) 2) Xbox360...would be nice to keep in touch with my cousins and friends through fun games.

anyone know if that works? or i could just bring my HD and hope to get something, i dont know.
ok, later.
Hey Ryan,

Let me know when you get here and I'll hook you up with the Busan club--remember they're all beginners though... Also, let me know if you want DG contacts for Jeju...

Dear Chaz,

My name is Frank and I live in Haman, which is about 20 minutes from Masan. I went back to America this past summer and started playing disc golf. I found myself going to the course everyday. I am not very good, but I guess you could say that I have be bitten by the "bug." I would love it if you could tell me about the courses in this area and supply directions. Thank you so much in advance.

Hey Frank,

Bitten by the bug--as so many of have been...!

I'm STOKED to hear of another American close by that plays! I have TWO course here in Jingyo; one 18 and one 9--both are good courses. Love to have to here---or I can come there and we can make up a course in Haman, if there is a place you know that's suitable. (I have a portable basket, so we can play WHEREVER!)

And, there are a DG clubs in a number of places, like Busan--we can go sometime and play with them.

Just let me know when you want to throw, bro (woah--a poet!)

Best, Chaz
Hey Chaz,

Where is Jingyo? I would be stoked to head that we and throw. remember, I'm just a beginner, so don't laugh too hard.

Hey Frank-

Look for Jinju on Google maps--its 20 minutes west...

No, problem bro--ALL levels are welcome--I have a number of guys in town I play with from time to time, and enjoy coaching em, and would love to do the same for you. The point is to be out throw'in!

Hey Chaz,

Do you know where I can purchase some discs? I gave mine to a friend who started with me. All I have now is a putter.

Hey Frank-

There or in Korea? T

Online or your nearest pro shop--can ask any of the guys at the local course and they'll hook you up. Or, go online---LOTS of sources! Get one that's close to you for less shipping costs... Or, wait til you get here and I can lend/give you several discs--I have about 50!

Just get 2-3 drivers, one over-stable, one medium-stable and one under stable) and 1-2 approach discs and you'll have enought to start...

Best, Chaz
Hey Chaz,

I'm all ready in Korea. Is there a direct bus to your town?
Haman is small, so I have to take a bus to Masan, then catch a bus here.
When would be a good time for me to head down?



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