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Playing Disc Golf in the cold

Here in Northern NY there was frost on the ground this morning; winter is right around the corner.  My questions are: what is the coldest temp in which you’ve ever played, how do you adjust to cold weather and what do you use to keep worm?

1.       Keeping your hands warm.  I’ve already quit a round after 5 holes because my hands got numb from the cold.  Do you wear special gloves for throwing or do you wear loose fitting gloves/mittens and remove one to throw?

2.       Jacket:  I feel that layering will be too restrictive for me to throw with any power.  What jacket do you wear?

3.       Footwear:  I have a good idea of what shoes or boots I will wear as long as the snow cover is less than a few inches.  Has anyone played using snowshoes or cross country skiis?

4.       Discs:  Have you ever had a problem with discs breaking due to them getting ridged from the cold?  If so what plastic was the disc and how cold was it?

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1) i've played in below 30 degree weather here in tn. probably never below 20. i used hot hands and gloves, but i remove the glove from my throwing hand. we have one local pro who throws with gloves on which seems impossible to me.

2) if it is sub 30 i am wearing under armour type long underwear, maybe a long sleeve shirt of some kind, and a mountain hardwear monkey man fleece. my upper body never gets cold.

3) not that much snow here usually. i've never played in more than 6-8 inches.

4) i've never had a disc break. i've heard of it happenning, but only dx type plastic.

obviously the winters here are not even a drop in the bucket in comparison. probably not even condensation. just vapor.

There have been numerous theads on this subject - seek and you will find.

In short; Loose fleese mittens, remove to throw, high quality wicking long jons, wind pants for my lower extremities. I wear a loose fitting pair of cross trainers on my feet with silk socks and sealskins - if really cold add stick-on toe warmers. If I am going to be out all day I will add NEOS overshoes. Upper body again high quality wicking long jons, a light loose fleece, then depending on wind and temperature a wind jacket and/or a vest. I have a couple of different vests that stay in my truck all winter, one down and one thinner one. the vest allows for full range of motion. For a hat I have a fleese ball cap w/ earflaps.

Playing in the winter is great, no crowds and it really forces you to work on form. There is nothing like that first round in the spring when you can go out without layers!

Oh, throw flx plastic - never had one break.
I play in sub freezing temps most of the winter--but the coldest ive played in was in northern Colorado--10 below, windchill of 30 below--and I shot 9 down, my personal best for that course--on to your questions
1. Loose gloves--wool lined work gloves work well
2. Long sleeve dry fit tshirt, fleece pullover, light windbreaker if needed
3. Regular cross trainers--unless it's wet, then hiking boots
4. Throw good, flexible plastic (star, ESP, gold, evolution) I also like to put away my most stable discs in the extreme cold--combined with our 7,000 ft of altitude, discs get extra stable in the cold
Here in Michigan my group of friends have played in the harshest of conditions, single digit Temps, gusting winds, and knee deep snow drifts.

Keeping my hands warm I just use a set of hand warmers keep them in my pockets. Just keep my hands in my pockets as much as possible. I usually have a pair of winter gloves in my bag, but I find that I rarely ever put them on.

As far as a jacket goes. I also have found that wearing a jacket can be to restrictive. I perfer to wear a winter vest with a hooded sweatshirt underneath so that my arms and shoulders still have mobility. The hood is key to keep the wind off of the back of your neck. I usually layer a thin wind breaker between the Sweat shirt and vest to help cut the wind.
If it is just cold I try to wear some long johns, under my jeans or a pair of flanel lined pants do the trick.
If the snow is really coming down I wear my snowboarding pants. They do a good job. I pefer to wear the ones that just require a belt to hold them up not the Suspender type. The suspenders definitly restrict your mobility.

Footwear, is the biggest problem that I have found over the years. Your feet have to stay warm and dry or it is game over. If you plan on doing alot of Disc golfing during the winter it is definitly worth spending the money on a nice pair of water proof insulated merrel or keen boots. Snow shoes and cross country skis just sound like recipie for disaster to me. Although that is something that me and my friends have talked about before. I just think that may affect your throwing to much.

I have never seen a disc break from hitting a tree in the cold, Although I have seen broken discs laying around on the course before. They usually are Innova DX that I see laying around.
I generally through Elite Z and ESP and I have never had a problem.
In the winter it seems to be more about control and good form over power and distance, just due to having a few layers on.
Good Luck.
Hand warmers and maybe even electric socks for those really cold days.
Everything Paul said, except I have had a disc break from hitting a tree in single digit temps. (was my favorite beat up dx roc) broke into 3 parts.
Yeah when it gets below 60....I wear pants. HA!

It does get cold here in Central FL....hand warmers are a "no brainer"
thats funny, shouldn't count.....but funny!
Tosty toes work just fine.
told you all of the broken discs I have ever seen were DX plastic.
I was in Florida in Febuary last year, and I saw some locals wearing North Face winter coats on the course. It was 50 degrees outside.
It sounds like a bit of an investment but if you go at least once a week in the Winter its well worth it.

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