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I found a newspaper article today about a boy being hit in the head with a disc while riding a bike at Central Park in Huntington Beach, CA. Here's the link if you're interested in reading it. 

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That sucks.....12 acres???? No freaking wonder someone got hurt...With today's high speed discs getting hit in the head is damn near being beaned by a fast ball...a fast ball with a edge.

Got to love some of the comments on that article.
Read the article.
How about a redesign of the course to make it safer.
How intuitive of you.
Multi syllable word you used....
Hmmmmm, there is hope!
The little guy must been clipped with a Norpedo.
Just an example of why you don't need to throw a Destroyer on 180 foot hole.
Seen everyone hit a tree.
Wasn't a car hit in Melbourne?
Daytona? Or was the paint?
all i have to say is that it's not the course's fault, its not the thrower's fault (to an extent), its not the parents fault, nor the kids, it's everyone's fault the course because maybe there ought to be a super obvious sign warning people who travel across the course, the throwers because, lets face it the way it was described the throw sucked, the parent because if that course has been there for 33 years, and sees 3,000 people/month shouldn't be obvious that it's a risk? (personally i would blame the parent for being negligent more so than an ill designed course) the kids fault for being weak, i mean who gets cut on a disk...wimp (not really but i thought it was kinda funny) any who...people these days honestly it would be the same (to me) to put up a minor league baseball field and expecting every ball to stay inside the park, is that realistic? no, anyone can see that its a risk that every person runs going to see one or be in the area of a game but w/e
I wonder what hole this was on? The article said near the playground. It might be possible to overthrow number 2(it is around 380' to the left dogleg). Otherwise there are no other areas that I can think of that comes near a kids area. HOWEVER, EVERYTIME I have played there, there is always a family or a kid/parent walking through the course. The course is completely contained and does not criss cross any open public walkways, so you pretty much have to blatantly walk across in front of people throwing discs all around you. In fact it is so contained that if you cross towards the horse trail you have to turn around and go back.
BUT, it is possible to smack a horse rider on the trail. My bro just missed one last week.
One of the holes I thought of was hole 6. A big accidental hyzer (rhbh) might be able to clear the cliff and sail down near the playground.
that's true! The hole is short too and if you have seen some of the weekenders trying to throw a Destroyer or something then it could definitely happen! But I am surprised that we don't hear more reports coming from El Dorado. There is that main public walkway running right down the middle of the course! On a side note, I did overthrow number 11 and slid one into Mike's(doughboy's) chair (ya know the guy that is there all day). But in all fairness I did clear up my karma with that by buying him a 6 pack of Bud!
ha! Yeah, i know who you're talking about. Maybe not too many get hit at Eldo because it doesn't have many blind spots. I know I'm usually waiting for people to walk by before I throw.


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