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This can't be said enough at this time of year. Take care of yourselves and remember to stay hydrated during the summer rounds.

I was just talking to a friend and he asked if I had heard what happened at Z Boaz in Fort Worth on Sunday. He told me a disc golfer, had died of either a heat stroke or heart attack on the eighteenth hole. He was about twenty feet from holeing out and had to sit down to rest. Well, he never got back up and by the time the paramedics reached the park, his heart had been stopped for about four and a half minutes. He was a casual player and hardly anyone knew who he was but that doesn't change the fact that it could happen to any one of us.

This will be our third day in a row over a hundred and it's looking like more than a week to follow before we'll cool off and stay in the upper nineties. The heat index last Saturday was 110 and we've already had a couple heat related deaths this year.

Go easy on the beer fellas, and drink plenty of water even if you are ganna have a few beers during your round. Please live to throw another round.

Keep an eye on your buddies too and make sure they're doing ok when you play together, you could save their life or they could save yours.

Also, remember to wear light and loose fitting clothes too, and here's something I do. If you are carrying a cooler, throw a bandana in it, then if someone does get overheated, get it full of icewater and hit the vital points. The wrists, neck, armpits etc to try and bring the body temp down.

If you start getting a headache or light-headed. Just stop or at least take a break, get in the shade and make sure you're ok before playing on.

Don't make this summer your last round of disc golf. Many of you have never had the chance to play a round with me and I look foward to the opportunity to do so.

This has been my public service announcement.
Take care of each other.

Nascar Dave

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Amen, way to look out for us fellow disc golfers. I always carry a gallon jug of icewater with me while on the course and my friends don't usually bring drinks. The last few weeks they've been taking drinks out of mine and sometimes the entire gallon is gone by the end of the round. I hope this counts as me doing my part.
Yep , it works !!
I had a good friend of mine get hit by heat exhaustion during a snctioned event a couple weeks ago. I was on the card behind them and he started off in the wrong direction on his home course so we asked him if he was ok. It became quite apparent that he wasn't so I told my card to wait for me since there was nobody on the hole behind us. I ran up to him and his speech was garbled so I took his bag off his back and got him to the closect tee with a water jug on it. We sat him down, got him to drink some water and packed the back of his shirt with some ice from the cooler. Then we called the TD and got him carted off the course and to the A/C.
The bad news is he DNF'd the B-Tier but the good news is he is still throwing disc golf.
The gratitude he showed when he saw me the next time was heartfelt, and I told him I knew he'd have done the same thing for me, it's what friends do.
Definitely time to slow your roll and start looking for shade as you're walking..
Ah yes, the old man golf, shade to shade.
hey now,well said.The heat index here in SWFl has been 105-110 with the temp in the high 90's.Stay safe everyone and we'll all meet up and play one day.Peace
I love Disc Golf in warm weather. I say Better Hot than Cold !!!
bummer to hear. my friend Randy called me sunday to see if I wanted to be his doubles partner at Zboaz and I didn't have the $ but told him I was gonna run by Vet for a round.
it's downright scary when I see casuals on the course ( or anyone for that matter) walking out from hole 1 to play and they aren't carrying anything to drink!!! at least after hole 12 at Vet its a short walk to the convenience store.

Lately Ive been freezing a half full bottle of water and adding water to the other half right before I go play and even that runs out quick in this heat.
It might be nice if you play a small tourney to donate some water and ice, and for the big tourney to have some available as part of the players pack. Lots of smaller tourneys I play have hot dogs and beer, but I haven't seen water ready. I think during play water would be better, between rounds a beer would be nice.
Seems like sometimes people who haven't played much don't realize that disc golfing is definitely active enough to overheat you quickly and without warning..

I say this from personal experience.
REI sells these nice neck coolers. You soak them in ice water and the "beads" inside expand and absorb the water. Keeps you cool for hours. My daughter also does alot of eventing (horse stuff) At one of her shows I picked up something similar to the neck cool, but it goest on your head. It looks like a jewish yamika and will fit under your hat. Two items that will keep you cool for hours.
The summer heat is one of the main reasons I decided on our times for our minis, Wed - 6:30pm and Sat - 9am. That way at least we're not golfing in the heat of the day.
I've also been thinking about bringing a big cooler with bottled water and ice for the players. At least that way if a golfer shows up without anything to drink, we can cover them.

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