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Let me start this off my saying I am an Idiot. I focus to much on one thing and don't pay attention to other things. Having said that, I am out on a new 9 hole course about 35 min from my house. Neat little course, a lot of fun. I get to the 7th hole. Each hole has a Very Nice printed hole sign with the distance and layout of the hole. They are in metal frames that are about chest high. I line up on the right side of the teepad on #7 and let loose with a high hyzer. I hear BOOM and feel A LOT of pain in my hand. I got TO CLOSE to the hole sign and backhanded it on my follow through. 

I took some skin off the top and hit my middle and ring finger knuckles pretty hard, so they are all swollen. I got a 1/4 cut on the top of my middle finger that is down to the bone. I butterflied it cause I don't want to go to the Doc for 1 stitch. 

As the day has gone on it is getting harder and more painful to make a fist, but at least I know I didn't break it. 

The DUMBEST part was as soon as I realized what I did, all I could think was. "I GOTTA FINISH MY ROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". And, in true stupid form, I did. Plus another 9 holes. I used my disc towel to stop the bleeding long enough to throw between holes, then realized I had bandaids in my SUV. Yes, I am Special. At least I played a -2 for 18 holes, then another -2 on the second 9 holes.

Anyone else ever get a disc golf injury? 

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My wife's too.  She's a Physical Therapist.
Legs  , knees , lower and upper back , elbow , pancreatic surgery.
Ahhh so after I scrape them up. She gets them going again. Sorry black humor keeps me sane..
You should check out Five-Ten's High top Impacts. Were I play, we get alot of falling twigs/branches. The high tops have saved my ankles plenty of time. Plus they are hands down the best disc golf shoes I've ever tried. Still no toe wear through after almost a year.

I had a similar thing happen my first time at La Mirada.  I'd never been to a course that didn't have seperate teepads, so I had no idea that there even were the little tape brackets indicating teepad.  I threw off the dirt right next to the teesign.  I backhanded it and eventually the top of my hand swelled up to about the size of a golf ball.


However, I did play 36 holes after that :)


Also, I killed both my ankles at Oak Grove one day.  One on a step thru off of #4's tee and the other one I stepped on a rock on hole 9 that looked stable enough but wasn't.

I did something similar and backhanded a tree once but it just bruised me a little bit! Hurt like hell though!

Not really an injury but I was laid up for the month of July and most of August with Lyme disease this summer.  I never saw the tick that infected me, but the only time I was in the woods prior to contracting the disease was playing DG, so it’s almost certainly a related ailment. 

Busted myself in the nuts from an overhead follow through. Sucked like hell!
tripped a little on my x-step and fell down the hill right after the tee-pad. Messed my 20-year-old back up pretty good. Felt it on every throw. Sure as heck wasn't gonna let it stop my round with my friends, though.

Disc-golf related injuries:

Torn left MCL;

Wrist and elbow tendinitis;

pulled left oblique muscle...

Holy S!@#..... Wicked takes the cake! LOL!

Here's the sign I mangled my hand on a week and a half ago. I started playing from WAY behind the tee pad now. Lol.

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