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Let me start this off my saying I am an Idiot. I focus to much on one thing and don't pay attention to other things. Having said that, I am out on a new 9 hole course about 35 min from my house. Neat little course, a lot of fun. I get to the 7th hole. Each hole has a Very Nice printed hole sign with the distance and layout of the hole. They are in metal frames that are about chest high. I line up on the right side of the teepad on #7 and let loose with a high hyzer. I hear BOOM and feel A LOT of pain in my hand. I got TO CLOSE to the hole sign and backhanded it on my follow through. 

I took some skin off the top and hit my middle and ring finger knuckles pretty hard, so they are all swollen. I got a 1/4 cut on the top of my middle finger that is down to the bone. I butterflied it cause I don't want to go to the Doc for 1 stitch. 

As the day has gone on it is getting harder and more painful to make a fist, but at least I know I didn't break it. 

The DUMBEST part was as soon as I realized what I did, all I could think was. "I GOTTA FINISH MY ROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". And, in true stupid form, I did. Plus another 9 holes. I used my disc towel to stop the bleeding long enough to throw between holes, then realized I had bandaids in my SUV. Yes, I am Special. At least I played a -2 for 18 holes, then another -2 on the second 9 holes.

Anyone else ever get a disc golf injury? 

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Injuries.  Yes.

The way you did, No.

Mine are from getting older.

You know you have reached the "Masters" when

you're body goes out more then you do.

Tee sign is too close.
I broke one of my fingers on a tee sign during a cold round two years ago, did finish the round.  This February, I messed up my wrist while following through directly into a spruce tree.  X-rays were negative, but definitely did something to it.  I have also torn a muscle in my palm while throwing.
I agree. FULLY. Lol.
Dang Chris. How did you tear a muscle in your palm throwing? That sounds painful!
To this day, I have no idea. I was throwing a firebird and as I released I felt a searing pain in my hand.  By the end of the round I could barely hold a disc.
I've scratched up my hand pretty badly from follow thru into a thorn bush.
Ahhhhhhhh......job security....;)
My pride at times;>}  Might want to check for cut arteries if having a difficult time making a fist.
i  get injuries to my wrist , hand , and fingers ,not disc golf related but in places that would effect my golf score . and 4 out of 5 times it lowered my scores . ( go figure ) now my disc golf buddy's always ask how i am doing , if i say fine i hear a sigh of relief , if i say i hurt my elbow last night they say " oh man , not your throwing arm again !"

I rolled my ankle bad, all the way to the ground. this was on the 2nd hole of the 2nd round of a tourney. Now I was in pain but could still xstep and throw, so i played on. About 10 holes later, I rolled it all the way to ground again..... Now I can hardly walk but stupidly played on. finished out the last 4 or 5 holes babying my ankle the best I could.


Found out 4 days later when I gave up and wind to the hospital that I almost tore one of the ligaments in my ankle clean through. Needless to say the Xray was one of the most painful things I've ever gone through and I've broken both arms and one foot lol. 


Now when I feel im going to twist my ankle, I just fall over to try to not be hurt as bad. I have re injured it 3 times playing too. It suck every time....

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