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I severely sprained my ankle when I was trying to rip a downhill drive yesterday. I thought I broke my leg when it happened and the sound was horrific.


Anyone else suffered an injury from disc golf?

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blistered feet and fingers is all Ive suffered. Lots of walking up and down for hours on new courses and throwing so many shots caused a slight blister on my release finger where the disc rips out. Thankfully it is a callous now.......lol.....excuse the spelling of callous.
Broken Ankle on a Wet Teepad !!!
Just some "rip" finger woes. I also had a severe eye problem after playing. It was so bad, I couldn't SEE any reason to go to work. So I just played through it ;) Make sure you take care of that. If the Doc says 6 weeks R&R. Take it! Sprains and strains can take longer to heal than breaks and if you don't rehab it properly. You will continue to damage it. So take it easy and follow a good rehab regiment.
I guess you're right. You sound like a respected authority on this subject and I need to take your advice. Thanks; I will be seeing a doctor tomorrow.
Some scraped skin and sore muscles but i am yet to suffer any injury preventing me from the next day. I've been thinking, i would still play if i was in a wheel chair, lots of rollers!
my friend ended up getting a concussion, the guy was bending down to get his bag and this other friend of mine was throwing like 10 ft. behind him and the guy getting his bag got smashed with a toma-hawk shot right in the side of the nogan. It was really funny, but at the same time scary, the worst part is the guy throwing didn't even try to hit him.
My mom has a similar problem on certain days... it's called Anal Glaucoma. Doc says it's when you can't see your a** going to work.
other then the occasional back fisting a tree on my fallow threw. tripped over a stump with sandals on and it cut a chunk of skin from the middle of my big to the inside of my toe right along my toenail so i will never disc with sandals again. also a huge bruise on the back of my leg from a drive from less then 15 feet away from my brother.
I hurt my shoulder "upgrading" to an XCal after I lost my Teerex. I was a RHFH but something about the XCal torqued my shoulder weird and to this day I can't throw a baseball or football for a few minutes before it starts to hurt.... probably gonna need surgery later in life. My whole right side is messed up.
A few years ago I had a turf toe thing going with my plant foot and man did it hurt to plant and drive, I had to rest it for about two weeks. nothing serious. I have heard of rotator cuff injuries from overhead shots and tendonitis from sidearm shots.
I started playing in the late 80s and started getting my game on when the, super overstable for their time, Vipers and Whippets came out. The throwing motion I started using was putting a lot of strain on my elbow and I developed bursitis. Got so bad that I couldn't finish a round. Doc said he could shoot it up with cortisone. No go for me. While taking a break, my oldest was born and I was out of the sport for almost 15 years. When I started back up last year, I was afraid the problem would return. I adjusted my throwing style and have no pain so far.
I was helping a friend look for a disc, it landed on top of and old pile of cleared limbs and brush and was hidding somewhere inside... the limbs and twigs I was standing on broke sending me down. I was wearing a long sleeve shirt and it stuck throw the shirt and about half inch into my arm then scraped it a bit on the way out... it do look to bad from the pic, but it really did not feel very good! But I finished my game, can't let little things get in the way.

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