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I just started taking disc seriously this year and Im still a littleunfamiliar with all the lingo. I thought it would be a good topic for noobs also to see what different terminology people use for the same meaning

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Hyzer = Turns to the left

Anhyzer = Turns to the right

Overstable = A disc that has either a turn to the left or a fade to the left (ex.x-calibur, destroyer, avenger, flick, etc.)

Understable =A disc that has either a turn to the right or a fade to the right (ex. roadrunner, stingray, comet, glide etc.)

Fade = what happens at the end of a discs flight when it looses speed

Turn = What happens to a disc during the middle of the flight

Turnover = basically anyhyzer

Mean = Basically a really overstable disc

Forehand/sidearm = A disc thrown sideways with a lot of wrist snap

Backhand = A disc thrown with an across your body motion

RHBH = Right handed backhand

LHBH = Left handed backhand

Tree-nied = Dude, that tree just swatted your Sh#$!

Tree Love = Dude, that was some tree love! Your disc just ricocheted right into the basket.

Turbo putt = A putt thrown over your head

Hook Thumber = A disc thrown straight up and down over your head in a baseball throwing motion using your your thumb to hold the rim of the disc..

Tomahawk = A disc thrown straight up and down over your head in a baseball throwing motion using two fingers to hold the rim of the disc.

Forehand roller = A disc thrown like a forehand/sidearm shot with the intention of standing the disc up and making it roll.

Backhand roller = A disc that is thrown backhanded and turned over so that it hits standing up in a roll.

Parked = When you land your disc right by the basket

I'm sure I missed a ton of stuff, so i'll let some others post some also. Plus they may explain some of these better than I did. You can't just go look this stuff up in a dictionary!!!!
Here is a related topic.....you'll enjoy it

your definition for Hyzer, Anhyzer, Overstable and Understable are not quite accurate. Though they are for RHBH (and Left Hand Forehand, LHFH).

When throwing LHBH (or RHFH), the direction the disc turns is the oposite as you say. Think of Hyzer & Overstable as the "natural" direction a disc will turn as it decreases speed, while Anhzer and Understable as the opposite direction.
how about....
flick - forhehand shot
shank - forgot to let go in time
sally - let go too early
worm burner - inches off the ground
ace = hole in one, deuce = 2 for tournament scoring and one under par for the course scoring, eagle is two under the course par, and double eagle is 3 under the course par. so if the course par is 5 and you shot a 2 that is a double eagle..
mulligan , for informal rounds , shot again. .o.b.= out of bounds , take a penalty stroke and shot from where it last went out of bounds.
Flex Shot : Overstable Disc thrown turned over.
Gimmie : Next to the Pin.
what is the flex shot? turned upside down? what is that used for?
Splash down, in the drink, giving the disc a bath. All pretty much self explanitory.
A Hook Thumber is always just called a Thumber. If you say "Hook Thumber" on the course, you'll get looks like wtf. Very well put together list of lingo!

another simple one is OB or out of bounds. also:

Ace: one shot into the basket off the tee

Birdie: two shots

Par: usually 3 shots

Boge: score of 4 shots on a hole

double boge: 5 score on a hole

triple boge: 6

These may seem typical, but you'd be surprized how many times I've had to explain it to people who have never played.

You say I shot 2 under par. somebody looks at you like "what".

this would be different then talking about par on a hole. Your talking about the whole game. Not always, but most the time par is 56.

Also a very common term is:

S shot or a Helix: Meaning a drive that flys in a "S" pattern through the air wiether backhand or sidearm doesn't matter.
good one. One you don't hear very often, but you'll with out a doubt hear it sooner or later.
interesting. never heard the terms: Shank, Sally, or Worm burner before. Learn something new every day. What area are you in? I know some times these are in one area only.

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