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Which state in the continental US is the best "disc golf" state? In other words which state contains a numerous amount of properly designed and built courses along with multiple disc retailers and a community that is out to advance and promote the best sport in the world?

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haha, hey now!!

 the DFW area of Texas has a really strong community as well as Austin.


 I kinda hate threads like this, but as long as no one gets too bent,haha.I gotta give a hand to all the club members and TD's around the whole country that put in the time and effort to continuously grow the sport at the local level .

 it's the players that invite a noob to come to a club mini and encourage them that are the true ambassadors of our sport.

 No matter what part of the country :)

See that this discussion is biased.

Not because of intentions, only because most that post here have not left their own state.

I live in Florida. We play ALL YEAR LONG.....

With challenging and new courses going in as I speak....

Been to Minnesota, Michigan, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, South Carolina, throughout Florida.

I'd hate to say this but there really is not any Best state for disc golf.

All have their positives and negatives.

Know for a fact that Florida has more existing "World Champions than any other."

This might tell you something.

Hey, go out there and when you travel, bring your disc golf bag and check them out along the way.

I'm just messin' with the Texas boys... It's fun to watch them get all riled up.


I've been so lucky. Back in the day (80's)I lived in Orlando and there were plenty of courses. Went to school at UF and there were a couple of courses there. Then went to Western Kentucky in Bowling Green and there was 4 courses in that town. (I hear there's more now) Plus the courses around Nashville.

Fredericksburg is not too bad, 2 courses here. (4 private courses that are a little bit of a pain to go to) Richmond is not bad and there are plenty of nice courses within an hours drive.


But it's nothing compared to living in Florida all those years. I was just a few miles from Barnett Park and some days go out there and see Klimo play. (If you were real lucky get to join in on a round every now and then)

yeah, but take away Kenny and where does it stand? Give any state him and they are automatically 1st. Just sayin.
Cool, but playing with Climo would be sweet. Don't know about Klimo? Is he a new gun to the scene ;)

The only real way to do this is to come up with a formula. So we need to start with criteria in which to evaluate each city/state, and from there assign value and weight to each part.

What is the main basis? beauty, course density, weather? course quality/toughness?


lets say that beauty is the starting point, lets give each state a value as a base number and minipulate it from there. Say between 1 and 3 in increments of .5, only Hawaii and Alaska get a 3 (for the sake of fairness) most states get a 2 with about a dozen or so getting a 2.5 (pretty much my first top ten) and and a few getiing a 1 (Iowa, Nebraska, etc...you know if your state sucks). For a city use (1 + .5 for each of the following attributes in the Imediate area of your local courses: elevation, view, mature trees, body of water (of signifigance, swamps and dry ditches - no, lakes streams and ponds - yes)

How about a bug factor, theres bugs every where so lets go with a seasons (between 1 and 3) of the year they are not a factor divided by 1.8. then take that number times your base number.

course density, how about for a: city, you take # of courses within 60mi and divide by 50,  and for a state you take total courses in the state subtract the average of all states divide by 7. use that number as a density factor to which you would multiply your base number.

How about weather, do you go with # of days in the 60's,70's and 80's on a year to year average? does precipitation negitivly effect it? so avg days of good temp minus avg  days with more then 1/16" of precipitation? is there a severe weather factor? like hurricane zones and california have to mutiply by .5 five and certain other coastal  states and citys by .75 for less likely severe weather (damages to courses, added equipment costs from saltwater). Would places like utah and arizona get an additional 1.125 or 1.25 mutiplyer for lack of mositure in the area for corrosion? i think so.

So what am i missing? local scene? hard to judge, but how about a mutipling factor based on just having something, if you have local leagues and tourneys use 2, if you have a few tourneys a year within short drive use 1.5 and if you have nothing local use 1.

Do the same thing with equipment needs, if you have access to a lot of different brands use 2 if you can only get one or two of the big guys use 1.5 and if you have to buy everything online use 1.


Am I missing anything else?

So everyone do your state and city using these values and post them on here. Be honest, and we'll see where is best.

 Hopefully this yeilds some interesting results and i can use this to come up with a way more accurate algorithm. If so I'll talk to Brian G at the PDGA and try and have a standardized formula created for future reference and comparison.

one of the criteria could be ...... how much money can the NW, SE, Confederate States Midwest, Lakes District areas raise for added cash for their major tournaments? ..... we always ask why isn't dg growing into the big leagues?  everybody says where's the cash from sponsers? ...... why not each of the geographical areas raise cash for the touring pros to try and win? have a fund raising tourney or two, each geographical area trying to raise more cash for their National Tour event .... more cash you raise the more prestige goes to your area ...... dgplanettv  could donate 50% of their subcription fees to payouts and people would benefit the pros by subscribing ..... etc  etc   etc.
It's interesting hearing everyone's arguement for second place behind North Carolina.

I was going to post that you could ask everyone where they live, and get 90% identical answers. But....


I was distracted by Robey the one's list, and So. Carolina being #4.  I'm from SC and love it, but even I wouldn't rank it that high.  "Sandwiched between Charlotte & Augusta" is our leading disc golf attribute.   Not to deflect a compliment, but what have you seen here that I haven't?


Which brings me to the stickiest aspect of this topic---the weather.   I can't imagine a fair way to factor it in.  Now, I would say that anywhere with long periods of snow cover is automatically disqualified.  But my northern friends seem to feel the same way about life-threatening heat.

That would be a whole different debate, as it has nothing to do with quaility of ones discgolf life (unless you one of .0001% of players that are on the pro tour)


Natural beauty mostly, rockhill helps, between charlotte and Augusta helps. one of the few states in the top 10 I have not actually played in, all based on hearsay.


But I dont think it would stay in top ten with my new formula.

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