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Which state in the continental US is the best "disc golf" state? In other words which state contains a numerous amount of properly designed and built courses along with multiple disc retailers and a community that is out to advance and promote the best sport in the world?

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i'll put in a good word on WI too. i haven't played all that many, but aside from justin trails, there's highbridge gold, sandy point resort, and vallarta-ast aka token creek. all professionally maintained and designed. i'm sure there's others, i'm pretty new from CO, so i'm sure ben here could elaborate a bit more. any other badgers--chime in!
it doesnt get better than wisco said it before and i will say it again!! BEP and standing rocks are another two that are beautifully designed and maintained
I should have known this was going to become a mid-western pissing match...

Pissing match? all i see if friendly discussion

who said pissing matches can't be friendly?

Why don't we come up with a formula everyone can live withand run the numbers, lets take the bias out of it.

You'd NEVER get everyone to agree on a formula.  What's good climate?  Bad climate?  What's more important---the number of courses, the average quality of courses, or the quality of the top courses?  Does the tournament scene matter a lot---or not at all?


And then you'd have to decide what's a "quality" course, or a good tournament scene.


No, I say let's debate---civilly---based on our own preferences!

all i see are little dribbles comin from your end so why don't you stroke up and give it some thrust? ha ha


i'd put in a good word on CO too, lots of long challenging courses in the denver-metro area alone and many more in the mountains, the south, the north, and east. bird's nest in jefferson county is a dune-style prairie course with scattered trees and water making for a really long, tough course. i love it, and it's one of my favorites.


the fact is the discussion isn't about to decisively choose one state that is the best. that's why it's a discussion, and the courses in the midwest that are mentioned, i'm sure are amazing courses that could stack up against ones in all areas of the u.s.


every place, every course, every hole is different and have their respective pros and cons, but who's to really say what is good and bad. all i know is that i've gotten to hear about courses across the nation that people enjoy, and that is certainly something of value. maybe i'll go to one of these courses when i'm the area just because i heard it in this discussion. maybe you will. or maybe a kid in indonesia will travel to america specifically to live out his disc golf dream in florida as a result of this thread.


so whistle a tune, give it some height, and let that stream flow. give the kid from indonesia some hope

Doesn't matter where you play as long as the weather is nice !!!!
I like that Michigan has sereral huge clusters of dg scenes.
While I respect nc and tx for great clusters, and other mention worthys like atl, ia, az, and fl....what it really comes down to is that you are all hillbillies...so mi wins;)
I did like the Course in Addison Oaks Michigan , where I played the Pro Worlds there in 1992 !  Is that course still there ?
Yep, just be sure to get a pass. They are extremely strict on ticketing. My first time I drove to the park, then had to back track to the partystore for a pass.

Also, thanks for mentioning 92, I knew there was at least three worlds here, but couldn't remember that one.


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