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Which state in the continental US is the best "disc golf" state? In other words which state contains a numerous amount of properly designed and built courses along with multiple disc retailers and a community that is out to advance and promote the best sport in the world?

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Can't wait to see some responses on this.  I'm bored enough, I'll move!

Oh, and I can guarantee you it's NOT Montana... sigh... although there's plenty of potential here, for sure.


California is pretty damn good...

oregon is very good too!

Cali, Michigan, Texas, Missouri...

Anywhere in the midwest is good, at least anywhere with a little elevation.

         If the weather was a little less erratic (at least for the last 3 years or so) I would give it to Minnesota , Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois or Michigan. The City would depend on what your looking for specifically. Milwaukee, the twin citys, Chicago and the couple metro areas in Michigan have great golf (variety and challenge)and density for big citys. Or you could live in a small town and in the center of any of those states and be no more then two hours drive from 80-90+ courses. Edge : draw, Wisconsin/Michigan

        All of these states have strong united golf community's, I would give the edge here to Michigan with Minnesota and Wisconsin right behind them.

        As far as beauty goes, sorry Iowa and Illinois but your states suck in this department. While Michigan has great lakes on 3 sides of it, Minnesota has 10,000 lakes. But here I have to go with Wisconsin with its 15,200+ lakes and 25,000+ miles of rivers. Add to that the bluffs in the south and eastern parts of the state and the hardwood forests that cover the north half plus borders formed by the 2 best great lakes. Edge here definitly Wisconsin thanks to the glaciers. The UP of M is a strong 2nd.



 top 10 IMHO:


1 Wisconsin

2 Michigan

3 Texas

4 So Carolina

5 Georgia

6 Colorado

7 Minnesota

8 KC area (Kan,Mo)

9 California

10 Oregon.....


46 Alaska

47 Hawaii

48 Montana

49 new jersey, (Ha Ha, jerseys so trashy my auto correct doesn't even want to capitalize it)

50 Vermont?

 bottom five was more fun to pick.

Iowa sucks for DG unless your in Des Moines or a college town attending school.  There are very nice courses scattered around, but long drives through nothing but corn-ic scenery almost require stimulants.  This is my slogan as a jaded Iowan (jaded except for when the Hawkeyes are doing good) -


"Iowa - at least we're not Nebraska.  Or Kansas, for that matter.  Hell, we could be Montana.  Just deal with it."

you suck iowans r proud of their courses

Come to my hometown and look at the crap we have to play on.  Better yet, tomorrow, I'll make a youtube video of Phinney Park DG course in Fort Dodge.  You'll get a nice view of hole one, which runs parallel to a 12' barbed wire fence.  Hook your shot, your disc is now property of the FD water treatment plant.  Then hole 2, with it's breathtaking 13" wide dirt fairway surrounded by deep rough.  3' + tall weeds.  So if you don't land on the fairway, hope you brought a machete, otherwise that disc is gone.  Hole 3 - well, that one is kinda fun.  So is 4.  Holes 5-7 are unplayable.  You do not know where to throw, there are steep dropoffs and broken bridges, 4'+ tall weeds.


I contacted the guy who designed this course, we spoke for quite awhile.  He said he wanted to build a course where players could "air it out".  Well, good luck with that in thick forest.  "Oh wow, look at it go - oh shit, tree.".  I proposed to him we move the baskets to an all but abandoned 9-hole ball golf course owned by the city.  He said he wanted to add 4 more holes to the waste of space that his retarded design has always been.   Since that conversation, which I have told many DG'ers hoping they would share my frustration, two of the baskets from the deep woods have been jimmied from their concrete bases and stolen.  I doubt the guy even knows. 


Sad thing is, he's a friggin' chiropractor.  I am going to make this video of the course.  Once you see it you will question how any one with a GED would make such a completely unplayable waste of time and money. 


Go Hawkeyes.

awesome response... you from Wisco cause I am and absoloutely love the scene around here


WI all the way!!!!


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