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Which state in the continental US is the best "disc golf" state? In other words which state contains a numerous amount of properly designed and built courses along with multiple disc retailers and a community that is out to advance and promote the best sport in the world?

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This chart is a joke right. DE near the top? I lived and played there and while its ok there are like 9 courses there. FL 4 from the end Really come on. I live in florida now and the DC here is 100 times better.

The chart shows the quantity of disc golf available to the residents of that state.  A higher service level reflects more courses, with more holes, that are nearer to more residents of that state.  It includes courses that are in other states, if they are close enough that a player would go play them. 


Delaware benefits by being not far from other states that have disc golf courses.


Florida is low on this chart because it has no disc golf courses around it in three directions.  In the Midwest, a player can go any direction to find dozens of new courses to play.  A player in Miami has few choices.
I don't know about "makes clear that the best state...."---except by that one quite limited definition.

i believe no matter what formula you or ratings system devise and use there will always be different results based on certain variables. These discussions for me are just a fun way to hear from different people in different parts of the country give their perspective on where it is best to live and be a dger.

OK sorry Iowa haters, I am going to have to step up to defend my home state here.  Clearly some folks have not played much disc golf in Iowa.  Per capita has more courses than any other state, that in itself should put Iowa in the conversation on this topic.  Now, I admit about half of those courses are like the stereotypes perpetuated here in this thread, and probably not worth the trip. But that still leaves a ton of really good courses. 

In particular Des Moines, Iowa City/Cedar Rapids, and Quad Cities areas each have a number of outstanding courses with lots of natural beauty and plenty of challenging woods and elevation and water hazards.  Walnut Ridge (DM area), Wildcat Bluff (CR area), West Lake (QC area), and Camden 2 (QC, on IL side) always get outstanding reviews from out-of-state golfers.  And each of those areas has multiple leagues, very active clubs, and dedicated disc golf retailers.


How about history?  Tourist Park in Waterloo/Cedar Falls area was one of the earliest permanent courses in the country (1976, by Ed Headrick). PDGA Worlds were held in Iowa twice, 1989 and 2004, one of only three states to host Worlds in two different cities (TX and OH are the others).


You like tourneys? Read some comments about the First Class Challenge A-Tier in Des Moines last weekend:  http://www.dgcoursereview.com/forums/showthread.php?p=862973#post86...

"I've played a fair amount of large events in PDGA and tons of Southern Nationals events. I can't think of another event that comes close to delivering like this one. It's pretty amazing when four courses are in play and the folks in Advanced tell you that shooting around 60 is good golf. I've seen an event highlight one challenging course, but not FOUR....These courses were each unique in their own way, but the one aspect that really stood out was that they were all FAIR. A hole may be very challenging but the course designers didn't feel the need to make them stupid hard or lucky in order to achieve the challenge....Courses rocked...Corey Philips recommended I play Wildcat Bluff. I did today and it is unreal. Iowa Disc Golf is impressive..." 


"Ok, All 4 courses I played - incredible, very challenging, beautiful, well laid out. One of the top concentrations of DG I've been. From what I've seen of the country I'd put Des Moines 2nd next to Charlotte. I don't know if I can pick a favorite, they were all great."


"I talked with George Smith quite a bit in the last few weeks about this tournament, and he was certain that I'd love all the courses up there. He also mentioned quite a few times that it was among his all time favorites for out of town tournaments to travel to - up there with the USDGC and the Majestic in terms of events that he wouldn't miss.  I really did love all the courses....Could the courses have been more entertaining? If that was possible, I haven't seen a better set of 4 courses played in a big tournament."

A fellow IA dg'er?  Where from?  I'm from Fort Dodge, sadly.

Hey Joshua, greetings.  I am from Iowa City, mostly I golf in eastern Iowa, once in awhile DM area.  When I travel for business or family vacations I try courses in other parts of the country, and I've enjoyed some really great ones for sure (Maple Hill in MA, Seneca Creek in MD, Diamond X in MT would be among my faves), but a lot of the courses I have seen elsewhere just reinforce my appreciation of Iowa disc golf.  Still have a lot to see, have not played Mpls MN or Charlotte NC areas for instance, so I look forward to checking out some of the recommendations others may put in this thread!

Michigan has hosted worlds multiple times- 2001 in ann arbor area, 2008 in lansing area. Both pro/am worlds.
I was referring to pro worlds, and thanks for the correction -- actually it was 3 times pro worlds:  Detroit 1992, Ann Arbor 2000, Kalamazoo 2008.

Best state..depends on your state of mind.If you really enjoy the dg scene happening in your state,you're already there.

Florida is an all year play, more dgcourses are going in ground with variety challenges,terrain is no longer flat land.Old ball courses are being recycled to fit dg play,Sarasota Sky Pilots use Bobby Jones excutive ball course for their annual Pro/Ams tourney,15th yr,.The brick/mortar &  online dg stores are keeping abreast of the needs of their local disc golfers and out of state customers.

As DPS mentioned when traveling ,take note of your surroundings.Post your negative/positive results,we just might find that  the nirvana state is our own backyard.hit chains ;>}

I've heard Austin referred to as the capitol of Disc Golf, but California is the birthplace of Disc Golf, and it's the only state I've ever played in. So I'm going to go with California.
Wisconsin by far. if you want to play one of the most challenging, and by far the most breath takingly beautiful courses in the world, come to Sparta, WI and play justin trails. it has two course, little brother and BIG brother. big brother only takes about 4 hours to play, no biggie ;) i don't care where you are from, you absolutely NEED to play this course for your disc golf life to be complete


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