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Please edit or add own to the list. Hope this help some of the newer disc golfers on this site.



RHBH- Right Hand Back Hand

LHBH- Left Hand Back Hand

RHFH- Right Hand Forehand

LHFH- Left Hand Forehand

Hyzer(Over stable) - the natural turn of the disc as it flies, RHBH disc goes from center line to the left  

Anhyzer(Under stable)- Disc flies opposite of natural flight RHBH disc flies from center line to the right

HSS- High Speed Stability- The way the disc flies at high speeds, beginning of flight after release

LSS- Low Speed Stability- The way the disc flies a low speeds, seen near end of a disc flight

Hyzer Spike- A disc thrown with extra height on a hyzer line, used when throwing over objects

Anhyzer Spike- Disc thrown with extra height on an Anhyzer line, high risk of cut roll

Grenade- Disc thrown with thumb on inner rim, disc is released on a high line to throw over objects

Scoobie- Disc thrown so it lands on it top plate and slide upside down, used to throw under objects

Hyzer Flip- Disc thrown on Hyzer line that rotates into a Anhyzer line, Used for tight fairways

Helix (S shot,Flex shot)- Disc thrown on an Anhyzer line then rotates back into a hyzer line, Used for long distance or to throw around objects. 

Skip shot- Disc thrown with an attended skip at the end, used to avoid off the ground objects or extra low speed Hyzer

Turn Over- Disc thrown that rotates into an Anhyzer line

Flippy- Most often used to describe an understable disc, a disc that will almost always turn Anhyzer

Overhand - Shot where the disc is thrown in a baseball pitch motion (over the head) 

Thumber- Overhand Shot where the disc is thrown with thumb on inside of rim

Tomahawk- Overhand shot where the disc is thrown with thumb on top plate, much like forehand grip.

Roller- A disc that lands on its outer edge producing a roll, used for distance and accuracy.

Forehand Roller- Disc more often will roll straight and finish to the left (RHFH)

Backhand Roller- Disc more often will land straight and finish right (RHBH)

Thumb Roller- Disc thrown with thumb on inside rim with an overhead motion, disc should finish left (RHBH)

Cut Roller- disc land at a sharp angle causing disc to roll wildly to the side, not often used on purpose but can be used in some situations 


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30 days same as cash.
Turbo Putt--disc held like a serving tray, rotating around the thumb in the middle of the disc, and pushed forward by one's index finger

Tree banger - a less then skilled player in the woods


aka Me.
scoobie is incorrect definition

yeah I thought scoobie was when a disc scoots up towards the basket almost like it is rocking back and forth.


Is Helix correct ? I thought a Helix is an overhand thumber throw that spirals in a circular or twisting motion as it travels forward.

You know like a roller coaster doing a twisty flip.

Like a Helix of a D.N.A. strand.

Rim- The part of the disc you grip.

Flite Plate/Wing- The top part of the disc

Flash- Excess material left on the edges of a disc during the molding process

Domey- The flight plate of the disc having a more pronounced buldge

Thumbtrac- The disc (usually putters) has a gripping surface or grove on the outer upper edge of the flight plate.


I have seen people throw the "scooby" and have it land upside down on its top plate. It doesn't always slide however. Maybe some people have a different term for this shot. I refer to it as a scooby.


A shank is well...    a shank.

Is a Scoobie the same grip as a Pan Shot ?

You should go to the Urban Dictionary site and look up both Scooby and Scoobie. There are some interesting definitions there although none of them are disc golf related.






It's kind of like in hacky sack when I call a certain move a clipper and someone else refers to the same thing as a burrito.

YouTube "Gregg Hosfeld scoober"

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