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In our store, a frequent topic of conversation is the great value that disc golf provides.  Low equipment cost, free to play at just about every course, etc.  I've been thinking about this for a while, and I'd like to hear you opinions.  Is there a less expensive sport than Disc Golf? 


Obviously, you can paint a lot of scenarios about ways to spend money on a given endeavor, and lots of devout disc golfers spend a lot on the sport over time.  However, I'm thinking of this in terms of the funds necessary to purchase a decent set of discs (say 5-7 discs) and a bag, and play 3-times a week.  Essentially the equipment and costs (greens fees, etc.) required to start the sport, play it semi-frequently, and gain proficiency at it.


Let's take Bowling, for example.  While most folks don't buy their own ball or shoes right off the bat, simply playing three times a week (without any beverages or snacks) would run you at least $25 a week, or $100 for just the first month.  That's more expensive in my book...

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nope badmitten lol volleyball , rugbie ultimate frisbee
Ok - I was thinking about individual sports. I guess Badmitten might qualify, but I don't know what a set costs ;).
I'm getting my dad into the sport, and one thing I told him is that not only do you not need a lot of discs to start, but that too many discs would probably do more harm than good. This keeps entry cost to a bare bones minimum. I carry 15 or so discs (90% premium), a good bag, and Phoenix quads. All told, that's less than most entry snowboard packages, less than a decent paintball gun and gear, and a lot less than any serious mountain bike. I've dabbled in all kinds of outdoor sports and I think that disc golf is easily one of the cheapest pastimes. Plus, even the most expensive courses in the world are still dirt cheap in relation to lift tickets or green fees.
Not in a team environment. $1,200.00 for my daughter to play league Volleyball. That's just the starter fee. Rugby...depends on your health insurance co-pay lol!!
If I wasn't hooked on CE plastic. I would say, you can't beat disc golf when it comes to cost.
Rugby, soccer, and basketball are three games that can be enjoyed if one person in a group of 10-15 owns a ball. Further, practicing skills for all three can be done, and enjoyed, individually. I played rugby for over 10 years and my expenses were three pairs boots, five mouth guards, and several kegs worth of Olympia (it's the water). Disc golf is the cheaper form of golf, but there are definitely cheaper sports. Sorry.
Well, I think just to play a few times, it's the cheapest.

With your 5-7 and a bag scenario I think it's probably not even close to cheapest but definitely the easiest to do without sweating and still get good at a sport.

We all know you only really NEED 1-3 discs and no bag. But we have 50 or more.

Basketball at the park, probably just free if you get in a pickup game. Ball 25.
Cheap tennis racquet and balls 30 bucks
Soccer ball at the park 25 bucks.
Ultimate is cheaper if you have friends to play with.
Problem with most (not all) other sports is that you need specific shoes or clothing to get better at it.

I really think that we all only talk about the value of disc golf because it's usually free to play. I mean, I've spent hundreds on discs and bags. But I've only paid to play like 5-10 times. And it was never more than like 4 dollars. I don't mind the change of pay to play every once in awhile if the course is worth it, but the public/free aspect is what makes the sport both unique in its various types of players and in the way it's looked at.

Feel like I sound like a jerk. Sorry.

I'm just giving you a hard time. And it's late.
tennis is cheap ...... i play more tennis than dg and it's cheap and fun
Ah but cheap cuts both ways. Because disc golf is inexpensive, there is little profit in the sport, which diminishes the number and type of courses we have and the sponsors who are attracted to us. We also have more than our share of thrifty players, who find the inexpensiveness of our sport a major attraction.

When no money comes in, no money goes out.

This is more an observation than a complaint since I make no attempt to make disc golf my profession. My condolences go out to the retailers and promoters who deal with us.
I think the cheapest is soccer. All you need is a ball. That's why it's the worlds #1 sport.
yea, if beer were any cheaper, i'd make pro.
Thanks Mark, really appreciate your comment, How true.
But most sports are cheap.
Soccer need a ball
Basketball is cheap a ball and a public court
Running need shoes and sox
Football need a field and a ball
Swimming (clothing optional) depends who you are with: a pond, lake, pool, ocean
Baseball bat, ball & glove

It's all about the promoters and marketing that have made the 'big' sports what they are.
Have 2 distant uncles listed in the baseball hall of fame.
Neither made that much money back in their day.
The money came in the late 60's i believe with the advent of television.

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