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I wanted to find out how other players feel about "playing alone"? Many times I go out and just unload my bag. It is a really great way to to up your game, as when playing with friends you got one shot, and every one is looking at you... So for me this is a great time!

On the other hand, I love people! I am not a loner and like to have friends and lots of them. So when I go out I often try to join in with other players. This does a few things for me, 1) I get to meet many people, and 2) I always watch others, even players I may not believe to play as well as myself. you can learn what to do and what not to do!

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I play the vast majority of my rounds by myself early in the morning before work (5:30-6:00 a.m.). Just me, my discs, and my Ipod. However, I try to conduct practice sessions at least twice a week--15 min putting, 15 min approach, 15 min putting--other than that, its a quick 55 minute loop around our 2.5 mile course

I love people too--and love playing with other guys--but I tune up my game by playing by myself during the dawn hours...
an ace is an ace regardless of who witnesses it...don't let anyone tell you otherwise...
derban its all PRACTICE till you put your money down,then the game begins
I like to play by myself...its a great way to forget about the stresses of life, but it usually only happens when whoever I'm meeting at the course has something unexpected come up and cant go.
Yeah, I know. But, it would be nice if people truly belived me instead of sorta beliving me.
You have to believe in yourself first.Only you will know how important that Ace or round is whether you play alone or along with others.The small throw away cameras are great to have in your bag for many reasons.take the picture of Ace disc,mark your disc with info,record the 3 of shot in the camers,smile and enjoy.
Yogi Bera.."ya gotta beleive.."some wise, great old knowledge.
Hell .............can't find a parking spot today at MorleyField !!!!
I have no problem throwing a round alone. It is a great way to practice against the course. Just you against the course. In reality that is what is is.

I always play just like I do with friends and do not throw my bag at a hole. I only throw an occasional extra shot if I think I screwed up. But I do not take mulligans.

I also am always open to a spur of the moment game with golfers I know or do not know. I have met some of my best golfing friends in this manner.
I dont seem too stay out as long if I go out alone so I try to go with others
I'm trying to get better, any which way I can. I started by throwing at a soccer field. Then I started playing alone at a course where I could play holes over and over. I would sometimes play the hole using different discs, just to see how they fly (It looks different when there are hills, trees and water to factor.) I also would try different approaches when I could see that there was more than one way to do it.

Now I'm playing rounds "by the book" because I'm trying to get set for leagues and tournaments. I've begun to read the rules and keep a score card on each round, use a mini to mark my spot. I will even add a stroke for two meter, foot faults, out of bounds. A couple of times I've played a provisional, because that's the way I would have done it in a tournament. All of this is unnecessary I suppose, but I just want avoid being that new guy that never seems to be prepared and doesn't actually know how to play disc golf.

I think it was a Mark Ellis post that got me started with this practice method. He was making a point about the difference between casual play and tournament play. The story recollected a TD's story about the new quy that showed up for his first tournament and when the TD was trying to classify him the new guy didn't want to play novice, stating he always shot par or better at this course. The TD classified him accordingly. Later, after the first round, when the TD inquired as to how he liked the tournament. The new guy replied, "It's okay, but I'm not playing very well." The TD queried him further, to which the new guy replied, "Well on the first hole I had a really bad drive and when I went to take my mulligan...."

That's why I'm reading the rules and going out early in the morning, all alone, to play a very strict round of disc golf. As far as other practice goes, it is pretty much limited to 30 minutes of putting each day (Mark Ellis' Putting Confidence Course.)
I play alone alot... there's a very small 9 hole course 5 min from the casa. It's very wide open and beginer friendly so I can always see when someone is coming up on the hole I am at. I love to try out new discs, practice certain shots, etc. I just throw in my headphones, fill the bag with discs (you only need 3 @ most on that course) and zone into what I want to do. Now I always let anyone, playing a round, play though and never throw on a hole where anyone is playing. It's course ettic to give the course to anyone who is actually playing not practicing.

I do try to hook up with anyone who wants to play but sometimes I need to get into my game.. you know?
It doesn't matter either way to me. However since I can't get to the courses on my own anymore, I need to have a friend drive me. I haven't played a round alone since... February.

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