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I wanted to find out how other players feel about "playing alone"? Many times I go out and just unload my bag. It is a really great way to to up your game, as when playing with friends you got one shot, and every one is looking at you... So for me this is a great time!

On the other hand, I love people! I am not a loner and like to have friends and lots of them. So when I go out I often try to join in with other players. This does a few things for me, 1) I get to meet many people, and 2) I always watch others, even players I may not believe to play as well as myself. you can learn what to do and what not to do!

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Okay so my last post I could not keep my eyes open to see the screen, and for some reason I thought I was funny... until I went back and read my own post...lol wow I think i had lost it!!
Learning by watching others play is a huge aspect of improving your game. That being said, practice off the course, in the field or backyard is where you try out what you have learned. These days, I prefer to practice alone. I can get in the same zone that I need to find during tournaments, which I play a lot of. Practicing alone will give you the confidence you will need because golf is an individuals sport and you can not count on feeding off of other players, you have to create the moment for yourself. I don't like to play rounds alone because I love the competition. When I am at the course, i am there for a league round, bag tag challenge or tournament. For me, The course is where you test yourself against the competition, not where you play with yourself:)
Playing disc golf alone just means that you probably like disc golf and are not just playing for recognition. It's also a great way to develop a greater love for the game when you don't have to listen how others approach/perceive this great sport. There is a time a place to take the game serious, but it's not in competition. It's the spiritual side of the game that is deserving of respect, and that part is often much easier to connect with when a player is alone. For the most part, the more organized the game gets, the less spiritual it becomes.
I wonder what it says when I practice putting in the basement in the middle of winter and in the super hot two weeks of summer (like right now)
I Never play alone !!! :)
playing by your self is practice for group play,but that leads to bringing what you do in practice to group play,even little rituals,,i try to not differ any from my practice rounds,diferent things for each hole,but always repeated,..
nice post
If there is nobody at the time of exercise, I do round alone.
However, if there is somebody, I call out to you and do round together.
Therefore, I learn most.
The story changes. "yada" becomes "the words to mean that I refuse:いやだ" it in Japan.
playing alone improves on a players game allow others not to impact your game,,time alone allows a player to develope ones form,dont be influenced by others play..stick to your game,disc choice,and form,,so you can bring that to group play..you think phil or tiger give a rats ass what others are doing in thier game...dont bother with others play.so play single for long periods of time and bring that to group play.
when i do go alone , i usually unload my bag , throw forehand ,backhand tomahawk just some new things , as with friends its always a good time
It really depends on my mood, but I do both. Sometimes I feel like I play better when I'm by myself than in a group. Some of best scores posted have been by myself and a few of my aces have been when nobody was around. There are others that I play with who say the same thing as well.
I do both. I'd rather play with a buddie or two. When I go out with friends my bag is mixed for different shots. When I go by myself I generally will take a bunch of drivers and a putter or two. This is cause when Im alone I use the time for practice and will throw multiple drives. If you only play 9 holes but drive 3-4 times each hole its like playin 27 holes or more. The only reason I hate going by myself is Ive only been playin a year, I have no aces. Ive come so close so many times I dont want to ace when no one is there to confirm it. I guess I could take my video camera along, but it seems like a hassle.

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