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(Snip)A 24-year-old Sheboygan woman has been charged with child neglect after her
6-year-old son was found wandering a park as the mother played (snip)

....The kid was bummed since he was under par when they took him off the course.


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I hate to read articles that paint our sport in such a bad light. We don't need more bad press to go with many people's already negative perception of the sport.
Disc golf is the least important part of this story. In fact, I think you meant to say, "I hate when stupid people make our species look bad." This girl doesn't seem to be very good in the decision making department, so I feel sorry for the kid's future. Some may say that the woman that found the kid was sticking her nose where it doesn't belong, but they are idiots! Talk it out or yourself, "the woman that helped the lost 6y/o is wrong?" How does that makes sense?

BTW: If you don't believe the woman didn't do anything wrong, please do society a favor and refrain from having children yourself, as we don't want to have to clean up your mess either.
wow,only in wisconsin.
That doesn't paint the sport in a bad light, that's a bit of an exaggeration. The issue is #1. A child that didn't do what he/shoe was supposed to be doing, #2. A parent that should have made that child wander around the course and play around the course near us while we play, as we move, they move, have yet to have ANY issues with kids or parents not enjoying themselves., #3. Cops that are more concerned with trying to manage people that aren't hurting anyone rather than concentrating on the crack dealers, meth makers, drunk drivers, and other criminals that they should be concentrated on, #4. Someone not minding their own ^%^$# business.

This has nothing to to with disc golf and everything to do with human error. People don't make the sports look bad, the people make themselves look bad, people that see people doing the wrong thing and associate their wrongs with the sports they partake in are just being discriminatory. Everyone is discriminatory in some way, often time several ways. Like it or not, it's the truth....
Wow, glad to see the police are after hardcore criminals.

Kudos to these cops, they must be the cream of crop.

Wonder how much time is going to be wasted in overcrowded courts for a bad judgement call. The cops could have called child protective services which is just as overcroweded, but usually give at least a half a damm about the kid and his future.

now let's go to the next step. A child who has had a parent in jail is far more likely to end up in jail (7 in 10). This mom will now have a criminal record that she has to disclose when she fills out a job, good luck finding a job. Since she was 18 when she had a the baby, most likely she is a single mom.

We have just condemned another generation of this family to poverty.

yes I know this sounds over the top, but I work with these kind of kids all day. The odds of this kid showing up and having me to render services just skyrocketed. I hate when I see something this stoopid ruin a child's life and give that child yet another strike against them. And yes, a single mom and 18yo mom is two strikes.

Lastly, I am sure you all know one or two kids / parents who pulled themselves up by the boot straps and overcame the odds against them. for every one you show me I can show you a 1000 who did not.
Dude you need a vacation. lmao!! ...you got all that out of a news story that may not even paint the whole picture.

When cops respond to things like this they do have some discretion in making the arrest. The story reports the child was 6, lost and the parent stated she did leave him unattended. I would say that's enough for any LE officer to make an arrest. Yeah, he probably could have cut her some slack...but apparently he didn't. Without first hand knowledge of the incident or the demeanor of the parent at the time she was found and questioned.....we really don't know the whole story.
BTW, 6 is way too young to be left unattended like that....the officer probably made the right call.
While Jaime is right that we only have a limited view of the incident, don't be so quick to discard the important background that Charles laid out. It indeed constitutes much of the important context within which we are to understand the social patterns and consequences of issues like this.
Thank you professor Barnerd, ...excuse me if I spelled that wrong... see, I'm anti socially accepting and adjusting to my new found spanish heritage. ; )~

Wait...wait....let me go get my hip waders on now.

I bet your a lot of fun at parties, Professor. ...analyzing, critiquing the social behavior of the party guests, the possible ramifications resulting from the lowered inhibitions related to being in a chemically altered state of mind and how that relates to society as a whole...past, present and future. You could have a ton of fun in the south ya know...lmao

Yeah, I get what Charles was saying... The cliff note version "Monkey See...Monkey Do" ...we need a better system. I agree. Hat's off to Charles for trying to make a difference. I know someone who works for the Dept of Juvenile justice...not anywhere near Charles capacity. but none the less, right there on the front lines of a severely broken system.

My point is....don't blame the cop for doing his/her job. ...especially without knowing the whole story. The cop is technically not there to protect the child's life as it pertains to his possible future 'way of' ....but to protect it, if necessary, "flesh and bone" at that moment in time. Why not just skip the middle man and blame the woman who had the balls to intervened in a potentially tragic situation...She could be as much at blame as the cop....right? Wrong!!

Now I'm ranting....gotta go...but first let me apologize in advance to anyone I may have offended with this post.

Anti Social Spaniards
Spanish professors
Social professors
anti social professors
Party Guests...intoxicated or not
Rednecks...intoxicated or not
Cops....intoxicated or not
Monkeys...well actually all primates in general
Juveniles with pet monkeys
Juveniles with intoxicated pet redneck monkeys
Women...with or without balls and/or pet monkeys
and Jim..if I offended Jim in anyway..I'm sorry.
Will the women with and without balls. Be at the disc golf girls gone wild tournament?
Wow. Thanks for such an enlightening, mature, and coherent response, Jaime. It's exactly what I expect from such a source. I'll spare everyone from the ad hominem attacks and blind knee-jerkiness. Best of luck to Jamie and his arsenal of nonsense, guns, and discs.
A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.


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