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I am mostly new to the sport. I have been throwing all summer. I started the end of last summer and did not throw in the winter.

I have a used 172g Valkyrie DX that I had not used for three months. I started using it again and have a weird line on the disc.

I am a LHBH thrower. So I throw and expect an S or a mostly straight throw with a right turn fade at the end.

When I am throwing the disc it will sometimes, not always, go out about 2/3 of the way and take a left hand turn. The disc follows a like a “Y”. Straight down then down the left hand top of the “Y”.

The real problem is that I do not know how I throw this disc to make it do this. I would like to be able to do this quite often.

What ‘mistake’ am I a making. Am I tipping the disc? Am I getting good spin? What?

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I'm not sure that I understand what you're saying, but I'll see if I can interpret it. Are you saying that your disc is making a radical left turn 2/3 of flight and falling off? With a DX Valkyrie you will expect an S-turn when thrown with distance and a good snap.
Basically it is making a radical left turn, that is NOT an S. I can get a good S at times. Think if the disc going down the left side of the Y. There is little to no fade at the end, it just keeps going more left.
Throw a little higher to allow the disc to fade back?
given that you're lefty and we're talking about a beat up dx valk, i'd say you're putting enough snap on the disc to get the beautiful straight-for-100-200 ft-before-it-flips flight. from what i've read on dgreview about snap, the longer a disc flies straight before flipping over, the more spin and snap you are putting on it. it could also be simply that the disc is really beat up and you're hyzer flipping it sometimes without realizing it, aka you're releasing the disc on a hyzer line and it is taking a while for the disc to flatten out before it begins to turn over.
Could be many things. Being a DX Valk. It's beat up and turing over naturaly. You could be turning your wrist over at the end causing it to flip on you, but since it does it so late. I'm not sure thats why. Not enough hyzer angle to keep it from turning over. Throwing it to low. So it doesn't have enought hight or time to fade back. To windy for the disc?
If it's some thing that doesn't happen all the time. I'd say it's mechanics if your throw.
Well when you figure it out. Sounds like you have a nice turnover disc.
disc is understable do to use throw hyzer let it flip flat or get a new disc maybe 165-169 champ or star valk
yep...new valk or try a different disc - maybe monarch, beast, sidewinder.
Charles Isaac,

What happened is you threw a perfect anhyzer. It might have been by accident but the result was a perfect anny. Yes, you want to be able to repeat it. You are a lefty in a righty world. You need a controlled shot which bends left. You will need it more than any other drive because most courses are righty favorable.

It seems there was a recent video published on the anhyzer shot. It was by Discraft or somebody. Its probably on Youtube. :)

There are different ways to make a disc flip. You can throw flat with an understable disc and let the disc do the work (or even hyzer with a VERY understable disc and let it flip). You can use a straight flying disc but raise the wing up as you release it. You can make it turn harder by raising your arm higher and arching your back backwards. It is easier to grasp all this by watching a video than reading words.

Exactly what you were doing when you made the perfect mistake is just a guess. Have a good player watch you and give you feedback.
"It seems there was a recent video published on the anhyzer shot. It was by Discraft or somebody. Its probably on Youtube. :)"

Cute mark, lol. yea, watched it 20+ times.
That is what DX Valks will do eventually, they won't fade back right for LHBH throwers they will stay left. If you like Valks get a star or pro plastic and they will hold their stability longer. Keep the DX though for that shot and rollers. Don't worry about "how" you did it just trust your arm motion and repeat it.

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