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I throw back hand about 250-300. Any recommendations on which disc I should use? Also i think that im having trouble getting good snap on my disc, any tips?

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Watch videos and mimic power boys in an open field. Practice, practice practice. Surge's, flash's, rogues and forces are great driving practice.
dont just stick to discraft man look innova is very forgiving... the snap comes in time so dont worry about it... Sna is overrated you will learn that in time.... Get a wraith should add quite a bit of distance off the box once you master a wraith move to tee bird tee rex then to destroyer then to monarch and watch te practice just fall off of you like snow good luck and trust me just keep trying and keep thinking about whaqt you should be doing if you have ne questions private message me i have alot more suggestions
I throw discraft, but Innova is not the devil either... they are both forgiving or whatever. A surge is a wraith, a force is a destroyer, a first run tracker or a stalker is a tee bird... the list goes on and on. Good luck and I didn't mean to steer you to discraft, but those discs are what I know.
the flash is a great disc for distance, get a good soft hyzer release about chest height and watch that sucker glide for miles. I have increased my distance exponentially in the past four-six months using a flash. I would say go with a z flash but the esp plastic isn't bad, it will just beat in a little bit harder...I'm not for that, but it's preference. get out and practice practice practice. many people don't have the gift of a long course to play on, so if you have it at your disposal use it, get distance without sacrificing accuracy, master your short game and you'll be nailing birds alot more. controlled accurate distance is the name of the game in my opinion. Hope that helped!
Are you throwing straight, 250-300 straight is alot better than 375 in the shule. If you already are throwing straight then I would suggest watching the distance videos and slowly working on your arm speed and proper technique.
Ask one of your local pros for advice and or a lesson (you may have to pay) and you'll be further ahead in no time.
Good luck and keep throwing.
Try an R-Pro Boss - they are absolutely amazing! Fantastic distance, nice fade at the end. I throw about the same distance and I can throw a 168g R-Pro Boss farther than any other disc I own. Also like the Avenger SS, it glides well. Practice is definitely key, but so is the right disc.
personally... what helped me when I was in that 250-300 area is just stepping back...and just going to a lighter plastic. You don't need to throw max weight. I jumped down to a 169g Destroyer.. and a 171g TL and added distance on my drives over time.
If you are not doing it already. Try lighter plastic. If you are still "working on your snap" I would try lower speed discs. Like... a Valkyrie, Sidewinder, Orc, Beast, Teebird, XL, XS, Flash, Rouge, Vision, Striker.
Help the economy out, and disc golf go buy about 10 Innova and 10 or so Discraft drivers/midranges and see what happens.Sell what dos'ent work for you on Discaroo and trade for some others you ha'v'ent tried .
I throw perhaps a little further than you (275'-325'), and these are my flavors of the week:

Cyclone- Flips flat with a little hyzer and has a predictable fade. Thrown hard, it can be a turnover driver. Thrown for short shots, it behaves like an overstable mid range. It's got a huge sweet spot and you don't need a lot of power or snap. This would be my "Ironman" disc.
Flash- Nice and controllable, especially when seasoned.
Firebird- Super overstable, but this is an incredible utility disc.
Destroyer- Probably too much disc for me, but if I get it to flex out, it's my longest disc.
My recommendation is the Sidewinder. Here's why. My wife throws her 153g star sidewinder 230-280ft. The glide you get with it, coupled with the nice s-pattern makes it her longest disc. I throw a heaver ones (171g and 175g) and it is very versatile. I throw a beat one as a finess disc in the woods. I call it my long Roc because I can throw it pretty softly in a low ceiling situation and get a great neutral flight pattern (nearly straight start to finish). But I can also throw a new champ sidewinder over 400ft on a hyzer flip. It's my favorite shot to throw. I throw both my sidewinders as rollers and very long anhyzers. I can throw this for nearly everything (except a stable hyzer for distance...athought even then in a tailwind I might do that because of it's superior glide).

Okay, to sum this recommendation up: Get the sidewinder (a lighter one to start) because it's great for your power range and it'll grow in versatility as you power up.

A tip on good snap: Build your throw from the "hit" (The moment the disc rips out of your hand) up. Use a firm power grip. Grip the disc loosely as you prep for a shot, but when you start to throw, make sure you've got a tight grip. Go back to only using a single step or no step, what ever feels better for tempo. Then concentrate on factors that facillitate better snap and try to recall what you changed.

Here I think is the biggest key to distance and mostly what I mean by building from the hit back: Make sure that you're accelerating THROUGH the throw. I think most of us think we need to get that arm really whipping and use up all our momentum before we get to the point of release. Start your swing forward a little slower and then build up the speed and just explode through the hit. I just had to remind myself of this the other day. I was trying to run up and rip the disc and it wasn't working. Then I slowed my x step way down and started to bomb again. Hope something there helps you.
It's really hard to believe what pros say about distance and snap (them saying it will come with time and practice) but it's true. Whenever you get the chance, try to play with people who are better than you and watch them throw. Pretty soon it will come... I played for about a year before I started getting serious, but after about 8 months of steady "serious" play (almost obsessive), I still do that and I'm improving every day.

Without a lot of snap, Valkyries are really awesome. I used to throw an eagle for driving tight spaces and straight shots. Rocs are awesome but they require a little more snap to throw than buzzes. Which means buzzes would be a good disc for you. Hawks are amazing for anhyzer shots no matter how good you are. I picked up a hawk way back before I got any kind of serious and one has been in my bag at all times since. Sharks are really good at any time. The two flippy drivers are roadrunner and sidewinder. They're both the same however I prefer the way a sidewinder feels in my hand as opposed to a roadrunner... etc etc.

My philosophy is to make things as easy as possible. Try everything and if something works a little better with less effort, use that. Use what works.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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