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My son is turning 5 in a couple weeks and I am contemplating getting him started on a bag for his birthday.

Does anyone have suggestions on ultralight (120 g or so) discs that would be good for him?

Thanks for the Help!

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Honestly, no disrespect. Many of you are getting way to technical on this. Of course he needs something light and understable, the kid is 5. Technique, brands and molds will come later, don't bore the kid to death. I'm telling you, it doesn't matter what kind of disc it is. If you put a print of his own face on the disc, he'll think its the coolest thing ever and will want to throw anytime his Dad wants to go. All that other mumbo jumbo will come later. This kid isn't trying for par, doesn't know the difference between 25ft and 50ft, just be his biggest fan. My son's favorite throw is a roller because he did it on accident once, and he was upset about his throw, until i told him it was a "Roller" and I showed him mine.

I got my 5 yr old that just this past christmas, and a mini disc basket with mini discs. He went bananas over it. Prior to that, he seemed interested here and there, now he wants to play all the time.
Great idea on the photo, the mini basket and minis--any suggestion where to get a photo of him put on a disc? Will any local print shop do it?
Expanding on that thought Discraft makes a Challenger Light typically retails for about $5 and is about 130, gateway makes some ultralight putters and availability is kind of hit or miss, but someone might stock them.

Innova has the Polecat and several others in ultralight, including Rocs and the Ace driver. Those you can find at walmart usually even in the ultralight weights.
Thanks for all the replys--I decided to go with the Wham-O mini basket set and to give him a 150 Class Magic that I wasn't using.
I have heard of a Polecat Jr made specifically for younger kids with smaller hands but I can't find it anywhere. Anyone else heard of this?
I donno. I find that throwing a putter 250+ doesn't require a whole lot of effort. You just need to find the line and regardless of your power level you can lay a putter up there pretty far. Heck, if you torque a putter really hard it's just going to flip over on you anyway. I think that people move up mostly because they see an easy distance increase and don't consider that maybe they can build more skill by sticking with the putters and mids.

The important part of driving a putter being that you get it up there on a straight line that stops short instead of a giant hyzer which may not be as predictable and can skip past the target.
I definately agree about your suggestion being the best way to learn disc golf. The mids and putters make up your core game and should get most of your attention (until you're a ROC solid AVIAtoR, or the market equivalent).

I don't think a person should shy away from drivers altogether before then though. Drivers are fun to throw. Spend the bulk of your practice on putters and mids, but then loose a few drivers too to spice it up. But those drivers are addicting and I think most people I play with and often me as well get caught up in the driver craze.

You offer some good advice...not just for the beginning golfer, but for the rest of us ams as well.
Same here. They (2yrs and 5yrs) have fun with the mini whamo game. I gave my daughter a glow z buzz cause she likes how they glow in the dark. I gave my son an elite z XS cause he always liked the one I had let him use. They haven't tried them out in the backyard basket yet due to the snow we have had.

CAUTION: KIDS DON'T REALIZE THAT A DISC CAN BE A LETHAL WEAPON! My kids have accidently hit other kids or have been hit by other little kids throwing the discs. Many tears and blood have been shed at those family get togethers. Crazy kids these days...
Innova makes the Polecat in "Lightweight" in 125 to 135 grams for youth players and a "Premium" or "Ultralight" Polecat at 105 grams for the younger players. Polecats are a great straight flyer and can be used for putting, driving and approaching.

Some other models available in the lightweights (125-135 grams) are DX Shark, DX Skeeter, DX Polecat and R-Pro Bosses. Another great suggestion for kids is the Dodgebee Disc (made by Hero). These are lightweight flexible foam flyers and are not likely to hurt anyone. http://www.dodgebee.com/

All models above (including Dodgebee) are currently in stock at INNOVA East and West locations.
Sweet! Thanks Discette!
150g innova shark enough said
pr a 150 class xl for a first driver

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