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I am planning to buy a bunch of new discs (drivers) soon because my old ones are getting pretty worn out. I want to make sure I specify the optimal "weight". I realize it is a personal thing based on arm strength and technique.

For example I am throwing a Surge (164g) with great consistency and average distance just short of 300'. Also I am throwing a different Surge (175g) with erratic results, but when I "hit" correctly I get almost 350'.

I know the theory of mass/velocity and the balance that must be maintained. A water balloon can be thrown much farther than an air balloon, but at some point the water balloon can be too heavy to throw.

I am getting older (56) and leaning towards going "light weight" but don't want to give up those opportunities for distance afforded by a heavier disc when released correctly. I have several discs (180g) that I can't throw at all with any consistency.

I find it amazing how just a few grams can drastically affect velocity and flight.

I would appreciate any feedback on what other folks consider "optimal" disc weight before I drop a couple hundred bucks on new discs. I know I can always buy a few heavy ones and a few light ones, but I'd prefer to get the "optimal" for this next purchase where I actually get to specify the exact weight instead of a weight range.

Is there some way to know what a person's perfect disc weight should be?

Just curious, any opinion is welcome.



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A lot of people like to throw the lightweight Blizzard plastic because they say that it goes farther. So I'm not sure that higher weight equates to greater distance. Throwing a disc properly is what gets you distance along with  keeping the nose down and reading the wind. My sweet spot for discs is around 167 grams.

my personal weight is in the 160s. if it's lighter, I tend to overthrow it, heavier and I have a rough time getting it flat. I think it really depends on arm strength/amount of whip.

using your surge example I would go with the 164g simply because consistency far outweighs occasional distance.. but this is just my opinion.

all this said, I do carry a few heavier(175ish) high-speed drivers for those headwind days.

Personally, I find right around 170g a good balance of mass/momentum vs glide.

i am also an older man, the 160's work for me too.. but please try a few of the Blizzard Plastics.. they are super light, and you don't have to throw your arm out trying to get all the distance you can. i have gain between maybe 50 to 75 feet in distance with them. 

This is kinda tricky for me to answer, I went all out and bought up blizzards like crazy when they first came out. They flew great, I was throwing them 40 feet farther then their heavy weight versions. My problem with them was consistency, sometimes they would just nosedive to the ground on me for an unknown reason, not flipping over just flat nosedive. So one day I grabbed a couple of my old heavy one and took them to the field. To my surprise I wasn't loosing distance when I switched back. So now I throw the heavy one's again and I'm not having any issues. I will however bring a couple blizzards with me for when I get tired and need distance with less power. 

I would suggest buying a couple Blizzard disc, if your throwing 300-350 I would suggest a 150ish Wraith or a 130ish boss or destroyer. I know 130 sounds crazy but the bomb with very little effort, and can hold a full power throw. 

Thanks for all of the feedback. I had forgotten about the blizzard plastic. I will try it and see how I like it. After reading the responses, I am convinced I should stay in the 160g to 165g range when buying regular plastic.

This website is an awesome resource, thanks again.


I'm still trying to figure out how weight and stability really work together. I know that the same mold 40g lighter will throw less stable, but when other factors like momentum get involved, who knows. 

I do know that lighter discs are more affected by wind than heavier ones.  So depending on wind, you may want some less stable but heavier options to keep the consistency you're looking for.  I tend to throw 175+ mid ranges for the consistency and accuracy, but my drivers are a more like 170g.  The really light Blizzard plastic I've tried (135-150) can be like throwing a paper plate into the wind... a little wild.

For myself , lighter plastic does not fly as far into a headwind. I think it's better into a tailwind.

I love blizzard plastic.  I throw it regularly with consistant results.  I mainly throw blizzard boss's in the 150-160 gram range.  They DO go farther, They stay on the air easier, and glide much farther.  Before they came out I was throwing 450 with a few instances of going above.  Now 500 is about my max with times of going above, and I didnt do anything different except throw blizzard.  I still throw heavier discs to. 06 augusta wraiths go so far. and of course the Z force.  But blizzard is some great stuff.  Boss's tend to be stable all the way down to around 138. Ape's are only stable down to around 145 I think, ive thrown a 138 and it just flips right over without trying, but Ive thrown scaled 138 bosses and had them hyzer flip beautifully whereas the same weight ape would turn into a roller when thrown the same way.  Havent tried any other blizzard discs yet.  Ive heard destroyers in blizzard plastic are super stable all the way to 138 as well.  But if you want the most distance by far I would go with blizzard.  it goes farther. Period.

I use many different weight types. What I have done is change the way I throw. I choose disc that feel good in my hand. They tend to be heavier ones, for me. Ask, some buddies if you can try thier disc, before you buy one. But, since I made my adjustment to throwing, I have better games.  

Since you normally throw stuff in the 160's I would strongly suggest to go buy you a 150 Blizzard Katana. You can thank me later. LOL

1st Blizzard plastic purchase today. Bought a 136 destroyer and I am in love with it so far. I have an average backhand of about 300 with a 169 star destroyer. Guessing the blizzard is adding about 50ish. Do not recommend for power forehand shots , my new 175 pro destroyer fills that spot though.

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