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In the discgolfer magazine that covers the USDGC, Harold Duvall talks about some of the reasons they used stroke and distance and he mentions that even disc golfers would rather watch something else besides disc golf. I've also rad recently on here a few times that disc golfers dont like to watch disc golf. I was just curious if this was accurate? I love watching videos of disc golf, aces, putting, parked shots, lead card coverage, tutorials, etc. I was just wondering if i was in the minority on this.

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badass to watch. wish there was more! it feels like i have watched most of them already. keep makin' 'em!
love watchin the vids ....... lots of wind out there .... thanks for the link ... the remax open in atlanta on the pdga site was entertaining as well ..... the texas film was very well edited and produced  thanks to whoever did it
I love watching disc golf.  I watch youtube videos all the time, and I'm always looking for new grips and new styles to try.  Once of the things I love about being a league is I get to watch everyone throw and make awesome shots.  I might be in on the Ace Pool, and I don't want someone else to get it but......I love seeing great shots!!

The answer is that there is no answer.  "Disc golfers don't like to watch disc golf"????  Some do, some don't.


Short clips, youtube videos, etc. are one thing.  A few seconds to watch an amazing shot.  But to actually watch a tournament----in person or broadcast live or on DVD---doesn't appeal to me, and apparently doesn't appeal to many people, judging by the galleries at NTs and Majors.  I've joined the galleries at USDGC a few times (the exception to the rule), and watched several DVDs (purchased mainly as momentos for courses I love), and I'd much rather be playing. 

I like watching Disc Golf...


Live. So that means that I am either participating or watching some good players that I know play. Preferably the first thing.

I'd rather be playing as well, but watching top rated pros do things that I can't or will never be able to do is pretty fascinating.
I think another key word in this discussion is how few are willing to "pay" to watch disc golf either in person or online. Disc golfers would rather play given the choice.

I want to, It's just hard on the media provided(web broadcasts).  I just got apple tv and now I watch a lot of youtoube discgolf on my couch.  If it were podcasted or broadcasted on tv, I would centrally pay to watch all the coverage of an event.  I just don't like siting in my computer chair for 4 + hours.  

-I'm a big fan of your work, b.t.w.! 

There are folks here in LA who get completely upset that there are courses where you have to pay to play.  They'll go so far as to refuse to go to said courses for 2 bucks a day.  It's really sad.

You're raising the bar......perhaps a better question is how many will watch free, advertiser-supported disc golf.  For those who dream of big-dollar, big-time disc golf, that would be the threshhold, I suspect.
For Myself , I'd rather play than watch !   It is Cool to see though , awesome shots of all kinds..............Drives , Upshots and Putts !!!!


Check out my buddies site. He is a discer that blew out his Achilles tendon shortly after graduating with a media degree. To kill boredom and satisfy his disc golf Jones he built this site dedicated to hi resolution and full length disc golf video.

#1 watched video is Climo shoots the Canyon

#2 is Nikkos last hole ace at Fountain Hills to force a playoff with Paul Uliberri.


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