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Should i be doing this? as yall know i have a lot of drivers(look at my other posts). Should i throw out all of my drivers and just throw mids fairways and putters? let me know guys if i should use this to get better or if yall have any more ideas...

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I have started throwing mid's and putters off the tee and really like it, but I would never get ride of the drivers, just get to know the mids and putters then go back to throwing drivers as well, just don't forget what you learn as they (mids & putters) can be more useful then one may have thought while he/she was throwing them for short shots!


I think I have more control then ever before and I do not have to throw as hard to make it go as far, maybe farther!



The less you have to learn in the beginning, the better off you will be. Take the time to learn one of each type of disc. (a driver, a mid, and a putter) Once you have mastered those disc, then find similar discs and work your way out.


I think this is one of the things that will make your game better the fastest if you're new.  I'd rather have more control and accuracy than have it sometimes when throwing a driver.  You'd be surprised at how easy it can be to throw a putter near 300' and mid further once your form is up to snuff.  Once you can do that and create a larger margin of error for yourself....why wouldn't you throw a mid or putter?  


Learn to drive off the tee with these discs and you'll be better for it.

You should probably just make sure that you are actually using all of those drivers that you are carrying around. If you aren't using them all then take a few out. But if you really want to "learn" a disc, try using it and only it for a full round (practice or casual). Then do it with another disc. I only carry nine discs so I have to get the maximum out of each disc that I carry. I am a believer in "less is more" but for that to work you have to be able to throw more than one shot with each disc that you carry. Learn to be creative and think about whether you could use a disc in a way that you hadn't thought of before. Then you will become better with what you have and not always be looking for a disc to fill a void.

I'd say yes and no, but it has more to do with the speed of the discs. Try or stay with the lower speed drivers like a Valkyrie or Sidewinder and hold of on the Wraith or Nuke type (high speed driver). Heck you might notice your throwing the so called slower speed drivers further than the high speed drivers.

Just remember the "speed" of a disc has nothing to do with how fast it is. It is the speed YOU must produce in order to make that disc fly the way it's suppose to.


The only recent addition to my drivers is a Lemon Lake Katana. It is considered high speed and deserves the label. Last Sunday I threw it farther than I had ever thrown a disc on a particular hole. I just got it on the perfect angle. On the other hand, I gave away a Star Katana (flat top) that I got last year because it just didn't work for me. But I also don't throw the Lemon Lake Katana on every hole. It has definitely earned a place in the bag.

Don't eliminate the drivers just throw the right one's for a beginner ( Sidewinders,Roadrunners, Leopards)

Eventually work your way up to a Teebird

I love having my high speed drivers, groove, cyclone, Katana, Destroyer, Boss, Nuke I wouldn't get rid of mine.  The key is to learn all of your discs it will give you a lot more options on the course
only if you can throw your mids and others over 350' cause that is where you need to be
If you know how to throw your mids and putters well, you should be able to go to any of the courses you frequent and do well.  When I say do well, I mean you score should be within in 3 strokes of your normal average.  If you can't do this with some semblance of regularity, then you need more work on your mids and should drop the drivers for awhile.  All this being said, you may not get the same results on a rediculously long course.
I don't think you need to throw your mid's over 350 , there are PLENTY of DG'ers that max out at the 350 range with their drivers.
My own results agree with what Rescue says here. I'm a relatively new player, and a couple of months back I found myself searching for a driver more suited to my skill level. I was driving my 164 gram Wraith pretty well at times, but inconsistently. The 172 gram Wraith I bought...not so much ( weight of disc seems to be a HUGE factor as you are working on building your driving skills) In any case, I'd read about the sidewinder being a great disc for beginners, maybe the Star sidewinder I bought is a DUD, or I'm doing something wrong..it's not at all what I was looking for. Finally, I bought my 150 gram Star Valkyrie...That thing is worth it's weight in gold. I can drive that disc straight & flat and get good distance out of it. I imagine others have other discs that have given them the same kind of breakthrough. I will say there's a fine line between where I'll throw the Valkyrie, and where I'll break out a Mid (for me my Star TL,(I know, they call it a fairway driver) or my San Marino Roc), then also another fine line from there, where I get to where my Gateway Magic, or Wizard is the more comfortable choice.I definitely use these "Putt and approach" discs for anything within 100 feet or so.

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