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Does anyone have any info on this disc. I got an email from Discraft that they were
releasing it this weekend at the am nationals. Any more info out there?

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Hasn't been submitted for PDGA approval so it's not legal in tournaments yet.
I have been throwing the Stalker for the last couple weeks. It is a very cool disc which acts like a longer range Buzzz. It went in the bag right after I first threw it and I have been using it in casual rounds with really good success. It is driver shaped, with a small rim and doesn't have the big glide of a Flash or a Surge or a Force. So it is similar to a TeeBird but with a much flatter top (anyone remember the 2nd run CE TL's? Like those but with less glide.).

The Am Nats players pack version is ESP plastic. The ESP's are all right but the Z plastic ones are the ones I like. It is controllable without throwing it hard. It is a great straight or tunnel disc. I am told the first run releases will be in Z plastic.

For me the Stalker fits that tweener spot; longer than a Buzzz but shorter than a driver. That kind of shot is all about control, not power.

The other disc being introduced at Am Nats is the Ringer. A Ringer is a cross between a Challenger and a Zone, so a long putter or a short midrange. It looks like a Zone but nowhere near as overstable yet still strong and fights the wind well. We tested it in a few different plastic versions. The first runs are in ESP which I thought was the plastic which worked best in this mold so far. The ESP's are much flatter than the D plastic versions. The ESP's have just a tiny bit of dominess. It flies similar to a Rhyno but doesn't have a thumb track. The big arm boys who tested it showed it handled a big snap without a problem. The Ringer has very little glide. Once it starts slowing down it checks up and sits down quickly.

I like the Zone but for me it is a specialty disc. The Zone so overstable I only put it in the bag for exceptionally windy days. The Ringer has a more controllable degree of stability and is more a workhorse than a specialty disc. It is smaller diameter than a Buzzz or a Roc, so putter sized. I prefer a smaller diameter disc for a backhand upshot or a short drive. For longer shots or forehand shots I like the bigger diameters. For anyone who likes small diameter mids or overstable putters it is worthy disc.
Sounds like the Stalker is similar to the DGA Squall.
A Squall looks and feels like a midrange disc which happens to glide longer than you might guess. The Stalker looks and feels like a driver which has less glide (but more control) than you might guess. The Squall never did much for me. I like the Stalker.
Great review Mark, thanks
Man I can't wait to give this disc a shot. I LOVE Teebirds so it sounds like I'll like this disc too.
Thanks Mark

I knew if you saw my post, you would have all the info.

Thanks again
How is Stalkers stability and length, compared with ESP Tracker?
Esp Trackers are much more overstable than Stalkers. The First Run Z Trackers are very different than the subsequent runs of Trackers in Z or ESP (Z is a clear candy plastic while ESP is a milky candy plastic blend). Personally, I love the first run Z Trackers and carry them in the bag as a controlled short range anhyzer disc. The subsequent runs of Trackers don't work for me as I find that Crushes or Reapers fill the overstable spot in my bag with better glide and resistance to wind.

I have never tried to throw Stalkers or ESP Trackers for distance. Neither should have the kind of glide we get from the drivers with bigger and sharper rims. Stalkers and Trackers are not designed for maximum distance, just like putters and mids are not designed for maximum distance but for control.

I haven't tested the Stalkers as anhyzers discs much yet. They seem to want to fly very straight and that is what I have used them for so far.
Funny story:
I saw this discussion & misread the title as disc golf stalker. I looked further thinking, "I used to have a disc golf stalker". As I was skimming Mark's post and realizing my mistake, I had another moment. My stalker's name is Ring (nickname Ringer).

Maybe I should try these discs out. I can see it going either way: good karma- I've been trying to get these factors out of my game for so long, maybe I'd do better to invite them in, or bad...
Mark, if you ever get old enough to have to throw rollers, try your Zone. I've been (forehand) rolling those pups for a few months now and have found them to be perfect. At least with my limited skill set. Easy to control, handles the landing well, and once on edge it carries for a long way before flopping over. I've found very few discs that I like to roll and this one is tops. Most can't handle the forehand and flop over too easily. Not the Zone.

ive found my crystal challenger good for that too. big blunt edge is very forgiving on touch down, landing a stick it wont spin out it will still stand up, distance isnt the best but the control and forgivefulness is very good.

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