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I proudly carry a mixed bag. A veritable "hodgepodge" of plastic, if you will. Now, I admit to being a tad curious about something. Why is it that every topic posted on this site soon turns into a argument about which brand of disc is better? I understand having a preference for a certain disc over a similar disc, but preferance for an entire brand? Honestly, I think it's stupid. Why choose to miss out on a company's entire offering of oppertunities all for the sake of meaningless loyalty?

"I won't throw (place brand here). Thier discs are crap!"

Really? Every single disc they make is crap? How do you know? Have you thrown every disc they've ever made? I find it very, VERY hard to believe that there isn't one single disc made by the 'other guys' that, if you threw it, you wouldn't like it. What is with this loyalist mentality that seems to have overtaken seemingly sane individuals? According to this logic, when I tee off with my Wraith and hole out with my Rattler, I should be immediately burned at the stake for heresy. What is it about one brand that is so superior to the others? Let's be real about it, folks. They all do the same thing. They make discs for our enjoyment. Why even make it an issue? These are not rhetorical questions, people. Someone, please tell me.

And, please, let's keep it civil...

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Hard to say but I think a lot of it comes from immaturity.
I throw what works good for me got DGA putters, discraft and innova intermixed all over.
An exhausted subject, but I like this incite.

all brands of cigarette kill people? all beer gets you drunk? all religions are myths and stories? its personal preference. anyways,

Discraft is best.
you make yourself sound like an ignorant D-bag by saying that.
Lotto said:
all brands of cigarette kill people? all beer gets you drunk? all religions are myths and stories? its personal preference. anyways,

Discraft is best.

I don't understand. Personal preference to what? The name? The logo? Why is one better than the other? Don't just say one is better and then not say why.
Couldn't agree more...wouldn't throw with someone because they only throw one company? wow.
Lotto said:
you make yourself sound like an ignorant D-bag by saying that.
personal preferences to molds and plastics....
I completely agree with the video shared by AI. I used to throw 100% Innova, simply because that's all they had at the sporting goods store. I've recently started to mix it up more and wouldn't leave home now without a Buzzz, Surge, and/or Force. I know that Innova makes similar discs, but have grown to really like a few discraft discs. Some of the other gateway putters are pretty cool too. It's fun to experiment with different brands. It is also fun to watch people argue all the time on these boards about it.
haha yea, the main reason why i say anything at all is to just get people all riled up about it. yea i throw all discraft, but im not gunna hate on you because you throw innova....who gives a shit.
Maybe it's because I live on the left coast, but until I went to this site. I've never ran across this Co. loyalty before. I've been playing for around three years and have played in a few tournaments and still never ran across this. All the people I play with and call friends. Have multi Co. disc's in their bags. Matter of fact I remember feeling a bit sorry for the sponsored pros (OK maybe not sorry), but to think you HAD to use only that Co. discs. Man, to say goodbye to my CE Leopard or Teebird.. ouch. Or goodbye to my Flick or Buzzz.. no way. What the heck would I have done when I use to use a Wizard or Omega.
Oh well I guess I'll have a slight edge on the Innova guy when I thread the needle with my Buzz or the Discraft guy when I throw I nice lazy Ahny with my Leopard. Hopefully you get the point that I'm not talking about skill, beating or getting beat for that matter. Just that you will miss out on some frickin great discs out there.

Lotto said:
personal preferences to molds and plastics....

Okay. Fair enough. But I ask, would you admit that Innova or Gateway make some quality discs? I don't mean to come across as if I'm dogging you specifically, but if I can be honest, you tend to come across as a bit snobby about it. I just want to see where you stand. We know you prefer Discraft. Do the other guys have even one disc you can't say anything negative about?

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