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I proudly carry a mixed bag. A veritable "hodgepodge" of plastic, if you will. Now, I admit to being a tad curious about something. Why is it that every topic posted on this site soon turns into a argument about which brand of disc is better? I understand having a preference for a certain disc over a similar disc, but preferance for an entire brand? Honestly, I think it's stupid. Why choose to miss out on a company's entire offering of oppertunities all for the sake of meaningless loyalty?

"I won't throw (place brand here). Thier discs are crap!"

Really? Every single disc they make is crap? How do you know? Have you thrown every disc they've ever made? I find it very, VERY hard to believe that there isn't one single disc made by the 'other guys' that, if you threw it, you wouldn't like it. What is with this loyalist mentality that seems to have overtaken seemingly sane individuals? According to this logic, when I tee off with my Wraith and hole out with my Rattler, I should be immediately burned at the stake for heresy. What is it about one brand that is so superior to the others? Let's be real about it, folks. They all do the same thing. They make discs for our enjoyment. Why even make it an issue? These are not rhetorical questions, people. Someone, please tell me.

And, please, let's keep it civil...

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Some times sponsered guys pump hype and hate.
discs arent going to significantly make a player better. I like the discs i throw and they *ussually* do what i want them too. If it isnt broke, dont fix it.
I agree. Discs don't make the player. But that's not what I asked. Would you say that there are good discs out there that aren't made by Discraft? You don't have to throw them religiously or anything.
yea, theres good discs by other brands. but if i threw them, my whole reputation would be ruined. ha. get over it dude, i throw discraft. i guess im an ignorant d-bag, whatever...
I like Crayons.

and mowing.

and throwing these round things.

good times.
There's nothing to get over. I respect your loyalty to Discraft. I just wanted to understand it better. Relax.
Daniel Mowery said:
i throw nothing but innova because i feel comfortable throwing there plastic

when i first started playing i putted with a pro challenger then switched to a magnet then a supersoft warlock now i putt with a jk pro aviar-x and this putter im sticking with not because its innova but because ive hit more putts with it and it feels better in my hand

i use to use a buzz until i figured out how to throw a roc because they fly better for me a buzz is a great disc just not for me

all companies have great disc but just because i throw only innova doesnt mean i like all there disc because i hate the wraith i cant throw it its a peice of shit to me theres a lot of great discraft disc that ive thrown

just throw what works for you

im with this guy. im all discraft and i dont even like Buzzz's.
I was under the impression that the buzzz is fairly understable as far as midranges go.

I have a slight brand loyalty to Discraft because they are local for me. However I have no trouble admiting that the new Groove I just picked up flies amazingly, and is becoming one of the dominant drivers that I use. I also really like the Teebird, and I have a SSS Magic that works well too. Blah blah blah, discs are discs, personal preference is what it is.

I like reading these posts, but they are redundant and, to a point, completely pointless. It's similar to the abortion issue. You are always going to have people on one side or the other, and no amount of arguing will change that. It is essentially moot. Still, it's fun to watch people go at it...

Daniel Mowery said:
haha a buzz is a good disc its just to overstable for a midrange
The whole point of this post was not to instigate any arguments (although I should have realized beforehand that those without civility would argue regardless) but to find out why those who were loyal to a specific brand felt the need to be..
If you throw Discraft only, fine. If Innova is all you carry, kudos. I could care less either way. I don't agree with this line of thought, but that is my opinion, and I'm entitled to it, just as everyone else is entitled to theirs. There have been many posts before mine regarding the Discraft/Innova issue, but where mine differs is that I had no intention of saying one was better than the other, because frankly, I'll throw whatever flies. I simply wanted to hear explanations regarding why folks felt the way they did on this issue.

To those who obsess over making an argument out of petty garbage like this, please, feel free to continue making a spectacle of yourself. We grown-ups will be over here...
i think that also, alot of people cannot pick up the heavy sarcasm over the internet.
The civil people keep it civil. The neanderthals are the ones who like seeing the club meet the dead horse.
I personally only throw Discraft currently.

For me it was because I decided to add consistency to my game. (No I am not saying all other manufaturers are inconsistent) I am saying I had 20+ molds in my bag and did not know how to throw them all properly and would rotate discs in and out of my bag depending on the course. There were a handful of discs in my bag that I threw all the time and most of them were discraft. I took everything else out and decided to learn what it was I had in my bag. Now I carry 8 or 9 molds all are discraft. They feel great in my hands, I like how they fly for me.

However If I lost my discraft ones I have innova or gateway discs I could replace them with and that I would in a heartbeat now that I have learned for myself what they all do.

Wasp - Roc
Force - TeeRex
Flick - X-cal - speed demon
cyclone - Gazelle
challenger - Voodoo
crush - destroyer - diablo
drone - Whippet - demon

And the list goes on... Anyway I guess I am still a one company D-bag that some people will refuse to play with.

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