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I proudly carry a mixed bag. A veritable "hodgepodge" of plastic, if you will. Now, I admit to being a tad curious about something. Why is it that every topic posted on this site soon turns into a argument about which brand of disc is better? I understand having a preference for a certain disc over a similar disc, but preferance for an entire brand? Honestly, I think it's stupid. Why choose to miss out on a company's entire offering of oppertunities all for the sake of meaningless loyalty?

"I won't throw (place brand here). Thier discs are crap!"

Really? Every single disc they make is crap? How do you know? Have you thrown every disc they've ever made? I find it very, VERY hard to believe that there isn't one single disc made by the 'other guys' that, if you threw it, you wouldn't like it. What is with this loyalist mentality that seems to have overtaken seemingly sane individuals? According to this logic, when I tee off with my Wraith and hole out with my Rattler, I should be immediately burned at the stake for heresy. What is it about one brand that is so superior to the others? Let's be real about it, folks. They all do the same thing. They make discs for our enjoyment. Why even make it an issue? These are not rhetorical questions, people. Someone, please tell me.

And, please, let's keep it civil...

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i've only been playing for about 8 months. i only have innova discs. not because that is the only manufacturer, but because they feel right for my style of throwing, and, mainly, it has taken me this long to understand my style of throwing and learning these particular discs. Most of the people i golf with throw discraft. i think in time, as my game improves and i learn more about various discs, my bag will be more diverse. for now, innova works for me.
Time has allowed this debate to matter,Innova use to have the only good discs.Today a few companies make good discs.I've used Innova so long I feel a sense of loyalty to them.
I agree fully, I have no qualms about throwing a disc from ANY manufacturer.
People ask me what brand of disc to throw, I say "yes".
if you havent thrown any Latitude 64 your missing out....Riot...Striker and Core are serious discs for serious players...terrific plastic....great company
I really can't get into Innova's putters for anything but driving. My hands don't seem to be big enough to putt a KC aviar properly even though I love driving it.

Discraft's focus seems to fit in my hand much better and I look forward to trying the wizard and warlock as they seem to be similar.
My buddy Jeremy loves his Striker, I've been thinking of getting one myself to try it out.
I believe some people also consider the integrity of the companies they are supporting by purchasing discs. I think its a little optimistic to believe these companies merely exist to make discs for our enjoyment. Capitalism tends to narrow the choices into right and wrong, pepsi or coke, democrat or republican, discraft or innova.

Unfortunately I am one of those individuals that can't help but also evaluate how certain companies choose to promote the sport, the quality of manufacturing, and other such things. I kept this as civil as possible =) just letting you know why the division does occur for some people like me.
LOL just rereading my comment and i noticed i put right, pepsi, democrat, and discraft all first =P
should have put libretarian first :)
what im finding is that Some discs are good....... not brands.
thats sort of how i think. also when experimenting with all these other discs if i lose my predator it could be replaced with a firebird but if i only throw one brand i can just get another pred and keed things consistant and not have to ajust to a new mold. its just easier that way.

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