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I have made alot of changes in my bag. I have gone from Exclusively Innova discs to Mostly Discraft. I have found that Discraft discs, even when rated almost Identically to a Innova disc, are so much Easier for me to throw. I can actually make them work. 


I picked up a few new Discraft drivers lately. The Avenger SS FLX, Stalker Elite Z, Cyclone ESP, and the Xpress Elite Z. ALL of the other drivers are rated MORE STABLE than the Xpress Elite Z. I took them all out to the field today and threw them. The Stalker, Cyclone, and Avenger SS I could actually get to turnover a bit, which is cool. I haven't been able to do that until recently. The XPRESS was like throwing a Brand New Champion Teebird for me. It would hyzer right out of my hand and and just head for the ground. This thing seems SUPER STABLE. Crazy Stable, especially when Discraft rates it at a Zero 0 stability. The Cyclone is rated a 1 and the Stalker a 1.1 and I can throw them GREAT.


Anyone have any experience with the Elite Z Xpress? Is this disc MUCH more stable than the rating, or did I get a funny one? 

Discraft seems to have Terrific ratings on their discs, from what I have to compare anyway. I am wondering if I just got a goofy disc. I bought the Xpress for a turnover driver, but it looks like I may have to use it for a Hyzer disc, at least for awhile...

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I had the same sort of thing.  Mine flipped a bit, but faded back hard.  The avenger ss was much nicer.  Use a stalker for straight 300' drives.  For a turnover disc, I found the Latitude 64 Vision just perfect.
My Lat 64 Vision was ALSO WAY More Stable than rated! Lol. I was Bumbed.  The Avenger SS is AWESOME. I love it. I was pretty stoked that the Cylone is fairly close to my Lat 64 River, also! Just not quite as Much Glide. Very similar flight though. The Stalker was dead nuts straight. Even in to a pretty good head wind. Just the XPRESS that is boggling me. MUCH like the Lat 64 Vision I got. STABLE. No turnover. Maybe its just those around 8 speed rated discs that come out all over the board in stability....
My first opto vision was very stable too... someone talked me into getting a gold line and it was much much better.  I've heard the new opto lines are better now.  I just threw my first one into enough trees to where I like it ;)
I've carried plenty of Z Xpress of various weights over the years and have never found them to be stable out of the bag--of the discs you listed, the Xpress is by far the most understable of the bunch out of my hand--but every thrower is different--keep throwing it, as it breaks in it will be the long, slow turnover driver your game yearns for...
My mid discs are buzz, flick and Xpress.  My Xpress goes to the right out  of my hand and fades left. 

Hmmm...the Xpress is a pretty flippy disc. I would say it's along the lines of the Leopard or River. How far are you throwing Jeff? I ask, because you just might need a little more time before you go for some drivers? Also "Z" plastic as does Champ, takes time to break in. Once broken in, then you will get their true flight. It's a very smart thing you are doing, by sticking to stable to understable drivers/mids. It will help down the road...


P.S. So we were talking about checking out Lakewood when I'm up there, but it's just talk for now. I'd like to check out Riverside again. I heard they have cement teepads and a total redesign of the course!

I wondered about how much break in period the Z plastic would need. I am just Surprised that the other Z discs I have are throwing GREAT right out of the box. Especially the More Stable ones. 


Today I was throwing in a field at my kids' school. I have measured on google earth various spots so I know where I am at. Today there was a constant head wind I was fighting. The Stalker and Cyclone I was putting out to about 275-285 consistantly. I had one throw with my Avenger SS FLX that I put about 315-320 when the wind died all of a sudden. Even my FLX Buzzz and my ESP Meteor was getting out past 250. I have not been breaking the 300ft mark for long, but I am getting to where I can do it more consistantly. This Xpress that I got just feels funny. 


I remember one of the 1st times I played, my buddy hands me a DX Wraith and says "Throw This!" Now, not Quite as bad, but this Xpress gave me a very similar feeling. It literally looked to me like I was trying to throw a Boss or Monster. It just Hyzers and Drops. Seems VERY STABLE. I wish I could explain it better...


I haven't been to Riverside in a few months. I STILL haven't been to Lakewood! I'm Fired!

Cool! I'll shoot you a message before I leave or when I'm up there. It's a "family" trip, so we'll only get to play once...maybe twice :)~ He played Lakewood  last weekend, but I haven't talked to him since. So if it's a great course. I'll push for that one, but if we can fit in two courses without my lady love getting pissed lol! It will most likely come down to two course that are right on top of each ohter.

Well, keep tossing and have a good one!

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