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So I'm a relative noob when it comes to disc golf. This is my third year throwing consistently with a couple years of casual play before that. I've been throwing nothing but innova dx discs until recently. I liked innova because i'm used to their rating system and i liked the cheap dx discs for the way they break in. i just won an esp buzzz and a Z surge. I've been throwing with them exclusively for a couple days now to try and get used to them. I'm finding it hard to adjust to these discs and am looking for any advice on broadening my horizons in terms of discs. Any pointers or links to resources such as articles or videos would be much appreciated!

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Not all discs are for all people; some discs I've thrown I've not liked ever. Others I didn't like right away, but kept throwing and ended up really liking. In that case I just had to use it a lot; like what you are doing, I threw it almost exclusively for about a month and for awhile it was my go-to disc (it was a max-weight Monster, bought at the same time as a max Firebird. I liked the Firebird better but lost it right away. The Monster has a rep as a good wind-fighting disc and it's super-windy around here a lot and when I first bought it I used it for nearly every headwind drive).

I say, "keep throwing it." But at some point you might just say "it's not working." Give it some time, though.
hey now,check Discraft's web sight for info,video,etc.Check with Mark Ellis.
just search youtube for discraft, about 30 different clinics should come up with mark ellis and his entourage.
LOL a Roc is pretty much a Wasp. A Buzzz is less stable then either of the two, has a lower profile, no bead, and is slightly faster. Buzzz and Rocs are not the same even though a Buzzz was modified from the wasp mold.
Discgolfcenter.com has a rating system just like innova uses, but they have it for all discs. Great site with free shipping, plus progressive discounts. You've got two of Discraft's best discs there in my opinion, so stick with it. The Surge is going to start really stable and stay that way for a long time. The Buzzz, Roc clone or not, is one of the best discs I've ever thrown. I've got a beat FLX ESP, a supercolor ESP, and I just got a Cryztal Z fundraiser.
Hey Adam,
Innova and Discraft make a number of similar molds and any good player could throw discs from either company and be successful. The problem you are having is probably just getting used to high-tech plastics.

The high-tech plastics have only been on the market for a few years, yet if you looked in the bags of tournament players, especially pros, you would find most drivers and mid-range discs are candy (Z, Champion) or candy blends (ESP, FLX, Star, Pro, etc.). Most putters are still in the standard plastics (D, DX).

Generally candy is clearer (you can see your hand through the disc) while the candy blends are cloudy. Candy tends to last longer than the blends. Many players find the blends to be grippier than candy.

It takes a while to get used to candy and candy blend plastics. Once you do so, if you are like most players, you won't go back to standard plastic. Candy plastic lasts longer and retains its flight characteristics longer. This is not merely a cost savings advantage. It allows you to learn your discs better and therefore control them better.

If you find the Z Surge more overstable (meaning it cuts too hard and too soon and won't glide very far) than you need you might want to try a Z Surge SS. The SS version is engineered to be less stable (straighter flying without as hard a turn at the end of the flight and a longer glide). While everyone has their own preferences in drivers, a Surge is a great driver when you find one at the level of stability you need.
Just wanted to drop in and say a huge thanks to everyone for the advice so far. This is all great and so very helpful! Keep 'em comin! Happy throwing!
Mark's post gave me an idea. given what I've been throwing I was hoping to get some suggestions for new discs. I'm looking to do a couple things. Go to higher quality plastics for more consistency. Go to discraft (not necessarily exclusively) because I just found out recently they're local. Also I want to work on getting my right hand back hand throw to turn right when I need it too. And of course I always like to add distance.

There are only a couple discs I've been using so far and they're all Innova. I throw a 172g wratih for most drives, i can put it 300-350 feet pretty easily and it's fairly stable. I have a 172g beast that i can throw real straigh and fairly far. I also have a 171g destroyer that i use when I need big hyzer. I can usually only throw this one about 275 feet. For anything under about 225 feet I use a wolf. even for putting until recently.
Best sight I've been to is discgolfreview.com. It has reviews for just about every disc out there. It also has instuctional articles and videos. I tell ya though. The Champ and Z plastics take awhile to break in, but they will last a very long time. It's worth the extra $$$

I throw mainly Discraft. I find that different Buzzes throw different. Esp less stable. Crtystal more stable. D plastic eventually starts turning over. My favorite short range disc is the Ching Legend. It is fantastic for 220 and under. Just goes straight at the basket. For a driver, I'll always go with a crush, preferably orange, I can't remember what type of plastic but its probably the cloudy candy. Putter, the Gateway wizard. I know, I suck at putting, but it's not the putter. The Wizard is so grippy, even in Winter. I could probably play almost all my rounds with those four discs. Now that I'm learning to throw sidearm, I will probably have some new favorites. Oh yeah, don't forget the tracker, great disc.


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