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And away we go...

I'm not saying the other manufacturers disc names are stupendous, but Discraft has a knack.

Of course, some of these require a certain "perspective" to be considered "tasteless," for a lack of a better term.

 But for some disc names it aint hard...

Yes, the STALKER is pretty creepy.

The REAPER & MARAUDER not much better.

Then the PREDATOR. 

TRACER (as in bullet or phone call)

CRUSH, Kill, Destroy...

And of course, zee NUKE. (Can't wait to play the Japan Open with one of these)

 Grim stuff.

FLASH always meant a guy in a raincoat to me.


Chicka-Bow-Wow Baby...

Don't forget to go out and CATCH A BUZZZ !


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If it fly, I buy
Please elighten us, Tim, about how we provoked Japan into performing their sneak attack on Pearl Harbor.
Haha "I'm sorry I hit you Mr basket" .. classic
what about that girl in your avatar? doesn't she need a shirt? maybe she's looking for a stalker... gtg nuke my lunch
all i use is discraft in my tourny bag, and the deal i believe is that what there gettin at is you crush the compitition and the nuke "the bomb that ended it all" the nuke the bomb that ended all competition the reaper most people use it as a sidearm as in the reaper uses a scythe (spelling?) the stalker stalks the basket, both of my stalkers have hit chains plenty of times, the flash it bolts right out of your hand, pulse the heart-beat the you get when you are in a tourny, surge????, banger chain banger, Discraft i believe is right on target with their names and discs.....
Wow!!! This all started from my opinion that the naming of Nuke was in very poor taste...BEHOLD the power of Capt. Controversy. lmao!!

To the guy who thinks the attack on Pearl was "unprovoked" ...Good one!!! Don't believe everything you see in the movies.

Not sure what could be considered the darkest days of American History.... the day they conceived nuclear weapons or the day they actually used them.

They could have named the disc....Nuclear Fission!! Goofy...but I'd been all hunky dory with that...Hey clean reliable energy...got to love it!!!

They chose Nuke...which implies annihilation of which there is no escape!!! A real event in which 10's of thousands of innocent non military personal where wiped from the face of the map....and another 10's of thousands left to die slow horrible deaths. They were not the enemy...they were people without politics.

I guarantee..the powers that were....had it to do over.....they would not use Nuclear Weapons...not like that...NO WAY!!

Now in our current state of World affairs....there are at least two nutballs who want Nukes. Lets hope...no pray... they never get'em.
Some of you youngsters may not know this:
Remember the original Lightning disc graphics and names WWII flying planes....
They stopped that....
As warm and comforting as the cold war was. It was effective.

Some of the youngsters here don't know about the under the desk drills we used to do back in the 70's and before....Remember?

"Radiation Is Bad for Bobby"..." So in the event of an attack from the Russians climb under your desk...curl up in a ball, face down...with your head tucked to your knees while covering your head with your arms and hands"

What was that preparing us for? ... so we'd be closer to kissing our asses goodbye!?!

Yes, I agree send that Ringo Starr looking...Miami Vice sport jacket wearing fool some plastic...and while we're at it send some to that sawed off runt in North Korea too.

Too bad it ain't that simple!!! lmao!!!
So in order to keep alotta the people that play this sport happy Discraft should just change their disc names to The J, spliff, doobie, gravity bong, hacky sack, and the colt 45.....sorry too close to a gun I mean the king cobra and maybe those names could appease the ACLU
Still want
DA Shit!
Want to throw Da Shit out of it!
lmao, f'n love it! i would totally buy one just so when someone asked me what it was i could say that!


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