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And away we go...

I'm not saying the other manufacturers disc names are stupendous, but Discraft has a knack.

Of course, some of these require a certain "perspective" to be considered "tasteless," for a lack of a better term.

 But for some disc names it aint hard...

Yes, the STALKER is pretty creepy.

The REAPER & MARAUDER not much better.

Then the PREDATOR. 

TRACER (as in bullet or phone call)

CRUSH, Kill, Destroy...

And of course, zee NUKE. (Can't wait to play the Japan Open with one of these)

 Grim stuff.

FLASH always meant a guy in a raincoat to me.


Chicka-Bow-Wow Baby...

Don't forget to go out and CATCH A BUZZZ !


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I like beavers...warm and furry!!! See...No ones gets hurt...of course unless it's a 60lb attack Beaver...then that's no fun.
Reminds me of those Angry Beavers
Norbert & Dagget!
Also is it like super offensive if while playing my Nuke hits a person from japan?
OK, I give...What's a "DUCK FIT" lmao!!
Can't use it...Primus song....
Now I know why we can't get a health care plan.........
OOohh, but wait... Beavers are made by Daredevil (evil name), who made its profits by selling a red and white fishing lure that simulated an injured, bleeding baitfish... Maybe we should play with Puppys, made by Dynamic Discs, If that isn't enough they have Super Puppys too
I would Like to know how the attack on pearl harbor was provoked? They attacked pearl harbor to suprise us because we were helping out our alies the British in their own province fight against the chinese to keep supplies for the war effort going, however japan wanted those supplies for their own expansion effort and knew without American help on the other side of the world the british would have no choice but to withdraw. Not that i need a source but the first google response was http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Why_did_the_Japanese_attack_Pearl_Harbor.

I too like warm and furry beavers, I think that the sixty pound attack beavers would be the best kind!
Yeah, but how far can you throw a 60lb Beaver?
Maybe instead of one word names for disc models, the disc golf manufacturers could use phrase-names instead. So instead of Nuke, they could name it...

"Get 'R Done"

"Haulin' Ass"

"Crotch Ripper" (cause I know one of these days I'm gonna throw that baby so hard, my pants are gonna split)

"Thunderbolt & Lightspeed"

"Usain Bolt"

and for all of you that are so worried about how the Japanese feel about this disc, how about we call it the...

"Toyota Prius" (just keeps accelerating and the brakes don't work)
Now that s funny greg!rotflmao
Imagine if 60lb Beavers attacked Pearl Harbor!


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