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2 discs of the week for me this week... My game has been suffering and I realized I had gotten Horribly Lazy with my throws. Fixed my form and now I am back on track. These 2 discs helped me see the Benefits to throwing correctly.

1st, 157gm Innova Star Vulcan~I was hesitant to try the Vulcan again. Never worked well for me. But, I went as Light as I could find. My BEST throws come in around 350-360ft. The Vulcan bested that a few times this week for me. Nice, controlled distance. Got one out about 370ft today and it was Still 20ft in the air. Luckily, it hit a tree and stopped. 

2nd, 175gm Discmania S-Line Gremlin. More predictable than the Hornet, Gator, or ANY other Over Stable mid I have tried. I think the little rim Helps. Parked a couple holes with it this week I usually don't get close too. I like it A LOT.

That's all I got to say about that.....

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Love the subject line.... good idea! :)  

Don't really like the Vulcan.... inside of the rim is so thin and tough for me to grip.  I haven't thrown the Gremlin, but have fallen in love w/ the Warship, which is a similar disc.  Another disc I am loving is the blizzard Destroyer at 151.... really getting some big distance hyzers out of it.

Well Thank Christian! Lol. :P

You know, I never used to like the Vulcan either, But, for some reason I keep coming back to it. I think it has to do with the thin rim. With my little Hobbit hands, it is one of the 13 speed discs I can comfortably grip.

I have heard WONDERFUL things about the Warship. I may touch one SOMEDAY, but I kinda don't want to cause I am so happy with my bag right now. Lol. 

I tried 2 different Blizzard Destroyers. I CANNOT throw a DX or Star Destroyer. I do not have the arm yet. The 1st Blizzard I tried was a 150gm and I was actually turning it over HARD. The 2nd 150gm I tried was a Meathook. I couldn't throw it 250ft! No more Blizzard Destroyers for me, for awhile anyway....

I did order a Blizzard Discmania DD2 Frenzy in 150gm today... Looking forward to trying that out... :)

Have you tried the Japan Open Destoyers? Their in the 150ish class in Star plastic. They screeeeeeem! I can't throw the heavier Destroyers, but these are awesome! I must add one thing though. Due to the weight, I've grip locked them at times, but once you get use to the weight. They are very nice into a headwind!

NOTE: haven't tried the Blizz stuff, but the Japan Destroyers I have are by no means overstable.


I have NOT tried the Japan Open Destroyers!! I may have to look into that!! Thanks Rescue... :)

I love my Vulcan for sure. Although sometimes it won't come back for me (Flips). Found a couple "ChampyStars" and they hold up pretty good.

Ahhh the Gremlin. No disc like it for sure! Just wish it had longer legs. Just couldn't find a home in my bag.


Have you had a chance to try a Classic Roc? For me it's that perfect disc in close (100' or so). Putter stable, but a nice shallow rim for a clean release. The Classic Roc is my "make-a-da-gooda-shot"

I also went to a lighter Vulcan (162 grams). It gets thrown a lot along with my Westside Discs King and Skyquest Medusa. One of the longest throws I have ever made was with a Lemon Lake Katana. All very similar discs with slight differences.

The gremlin is my sweetheart too! Never blamed the Gremlin for a bad shot. my buddy shoots a Vulcan for 350 sidearm and only 200 feet backhand. I need to learn one

Great subject line.  And kudos on getting your game back in line.  I used CFR Gremlins 3-4 years ago, they were my favorite mid for a long time.  I've heard some of the new Discmania Gremlins can get pretty overstable, they would have been a nice compliment to my pretty flippy pair.  

Hmmm S'line Gremlin, sounds like a disc I had at one time, You should try a Drone if you like that lol.

I'm having form issues now also, I learned to keep my non throwing hand down to my side and its giving me a crap load more power. However I'm having issues with release height, and stability issues with this new power.

Hey Man, the Gremlin is the ONE disc I DIDN"T get from you!!! LOL. The Drone has to deep of a rim And is to Domey for my Hand....

Ohhh my bad I just figured it was the MD1.... never mind... I guess I'll have to look into that if I ever get sick of the Drone and Hornet.

Lol! I didn't mean that in a Bad Way.... ;)

The Gremlin is quite a bit more stable than that MD1 you sent me, but not as stable as a Drone, IMO. The thing I like about it is it REALLY seems to like to Glide, ALOT! Nice and stable, but wants to stay in the air too. Pretty Sweet....


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