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Sometime during the Ace Pool Shoot-out at DGLO yesterday, someone stole the 2 discs from my players pack and about 8 out of my bag!!! Hate to bring a bad connotation to the tournament, Terry made the players' pack extra fat and the payouts were awesome. I'm pretty pissed about getting my stuff stolen though. The ONE time I leave my car unlocked consciously, not worrying about fellow disc golfers stealing my stuff, this happens. My wallet was in my center console with cash in it, but it wasn't even touched, so i think its safe to say another player did it. Name and number are on the back of most of them, so if you see some discs that say Sean Blazo #38214 and my phone number on them, gimme a shout.

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Bill, not your fault some a-hole stole my discs. You did a sweet job running the tourney. Not sure if I'll be able to make it there this weekend, but we'll see. Thanks for offering the replacement, and I'll be back for the 2010 DGLO!
Russel, That's awesome of you to offer me new discs without ever even meeting me!! And even willing to pay shipping?? Man offers like that are rare to come across. I really appreciate it man, but I have a couple forces and a tracker and don't like the comet as much as the meteor. Not to dis your discs, I mean I like them all, but someone else could use them more than me. I don't have much money, but I do have a job so there are many discers out there that could use those discs more than me. Thanks again for your sweet offer though and make sure to start a discussion if you ever get something stolen; I'll do the same for you!
Hey John, I remember that trade. I lost that Surge SS in the Winter at Oshtemo, then got it back about a month ago from a homeless guy at Robert Morris!! Thanks for offering man, I'll take you up on that. I'll be in the Ann Arbor area this weekend, but it shouldn't be too long before I head back to Battle Creek for some discing. You do live in the Battle Creek area right? I'll give you Innova plastic I find or get in players packs in the meantime if you want it. Take it easy man, and I'll let you know next time I plan on heading out there.
Hey Chuck, Thanks man!! I think the lizard lawyer is going to be replacing my buzzzes, and I'm not going to milk the generosity of the people posting these sweet hook-ups on this forum. Really appreciate it, and maybe I will take you up on the predator if you can do that.
My faith in fellow disc golfers has been rejuvenated and now its higher than ever! Thanks everyone!!!
With regard to coming across your plastic in a second hand store.....

I have had this happen to me a couple times.

The 1st time I just showed the pimply face 16 year old behind the counter my ID, went and grabbed my bag with 20 more discs with my name on it, and he gave me the disc back for free.

The 2nd time was at a pawn shop. I showed my ID and he sold it back to me for there $4 cost.

Both were Champion Edition Teebirds and worth every penny.

Ahhhh a true tweaker Disc thief, selling $50 CE plastic for $4 at second hand store.....

I always worry about my plastic when I travel. I've been blessed with enough CE to throw for life......It gets exhausting keeping such good tabs on it though...

My 2 cents...
i know the topic isn't funny but that was Dirty!! LOL
sorry thtat happened to you but now you know never to leave your car unlocked still disc golf never seemed like the sport where people steal equipment the people are usually friendly
That's no problem man, I'd do it for anyone in this sport. I've got discs just laying around, so if someone can use them why be stingy? I'm all about helping people out! Plus like everyone has said.....Karma!
Hopefully, I won't ever have to start a discussion about my discs being stolen, but you just don't ever know. People can be just plain crazy sometimes!!
Dude if they come to texas i got em! Same stuff happened yesterday. Someone had stole my friends champion rock candy red man and he wouldn't give it back... I told my friend we will get it back by force next time... these kids seem to think they find it they keep it. even if a name and number are on it. All this is going to do it get someone hurt... think smart kids
dude, i have discraft coming out of my ass......just look through my shit next time i see you. i got a new Z force, a newer flx buzz, 2 zones....the list goes on.
Mr. Ellis, I had a Shuttle Puppy and a Pluto Platter in the bag stolen out of my 1982 Yugo while I was walking an elderly lady across the street because the electricity was out at the intersection because the flood that swept away my house had short circuited the electric company's substation, which started a fire that burnt down the office where I work.

If there is anything you can do...

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