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Sometime during the Ace Pool Shoot-out at DGLO yesterday, someone stole the 2 discs from my players pack and about 8 out of my bag!!! Hate to bring a bad connotation to the tournament, Terry made the players' pack extra fat and the payouts were awesome. I'm pretty pissed about getting my stuff stolen though. The ONE time I leave my car unlocked consciously, not worrying about fellow disc golfers stealing my stuff, this happens. My wallet was in my center console with cash in it, but it wasn't even touched, so i think its safe to say another player did it. Name and number are on the back of most of them, so if you see some discs that say Sean Blazo #38214 and my phone number on them, gimme a shout.

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Have you thought of telling everybody what car you drive maybe somebody would remember something?
Just a suggestion, and where about were you parked?
Thanks everyone for the sympathy as I mourn my stolen discs.

I like the idea of listing the ones that got jacked. If somebody tracks them down, that'd be great, but if anyone around kzoo has replacements for me, I'm definitely looking to buy.

2 brand new 171 Red FLX Challengers
1 ESP FLX 166 Peach FLX Avenger
1 ESP FLX 172ish Pink Predator
1 ESP 177 Light Orange Meteor
1 ESP 177 Light Green Buzzz
1 ESP FLX 168 Orange Buzzz
1 ESP FLX 178 Died Red Worlds 2008 Drone
1 new DGLO Pink Z Force and Green ESP Zone (no markings)
1 ESP 172ish Light Green Avenger

And there are more missing, but I haven't noticed which ones yet. Some of these discs I NEED even if they're not the ones I was used to, so if anyone has some used or new discs like these I will be buying them.

I will donate 2 Buzzz's and 2 FLX Challengers. If you can make it to the Am Natl's Tourney this weekend ( I am helping to run it) you can take possession. Give me advance notice so I can prepare and we can discuss your preferences.
Blaze i dont have the inventory handy for A3 but i will replace the Z force if we have any left if you come and talk to me at DGLO PRO this weekend, but you must only talk to me on the QT, LOL. Pink might be a problem.

I am truly upset that this happened to you at our event. but the bad karma goes out to some smuck.
I don't know if you'll ever get your disc back but I think it's really cool how all your friends and people in the dg community are coming foward to help you out....good luck and stay positive.
I live in Louisville Ky, but I will give these to you if you would like them

I have a slightly used 174g Yellow ESP Force and a Brand new 175g Red Z Comet. I also have a brand new 175 g blue ESP Tracker. Don't know if they would help you any, if they will you are welcome to have them. Send me a message with your info and I will ship them to you for free. I'll even pay the shipping.
I hate seeing this stuff happen. A guy from Lexington had someone break his window at a Tourney last year and got him for everything, Radio, Discs, Wallet w/ money, CD's and even his cigarettes.
And yes Mark is so right..........KARMA, what goes around comes around tenfold!!!! I've seen it happen time and time again with some of my shady friends who were thief's growing up. Than as life goes on they got it twice as bad!!!
Sorry for your losses!!!!

If you can make it down to Schoolcraft I can replace the buzzzes and possibly the pred. Call my cell - 269 929 5747.
I found out last night that this same thing happened to a friend of mine. He forgot and left them in the back of his truck in his driveway. The stupid thing is the guy that stole them sold them to Play it Again Sports in Fort Worth and gave his name and address. What a dumbass, I mean if you're gonna steal them and sell them, why would you give your name. It a good thing criminals are stupid people. So now my buddy has the information to proceed with criminal charges against the guy. So check and see if he sold them to a second hand store if you have one that sells discs.
Speaking of, I think it is really shady of Play it again sports to buy discs with peoples names on them. Especially when the person walks in the store and none of the discs they are trying to sell have their name on them, or they have a stack of 50 with different names on everyone of them. Some of the jerks here go swimming in the pond at Iroquois and take them to play it again and sell them. I have come across several of mine that way and have since Boycotted our local store for buying them! I spoke with the owner and he doesn't seem to care at all. He says it's all about profit. They should not be allowed to do this!!!
This brings up the question if you see a disc with your name on it at the store what do you do?

They bought it so is it theirs? or is it yours because it has your name and information on it? Could they be held as an accomplice to any crime that was committed in aquiring that disc?

Mark Ellis, any thoughts?
I Blaze,

I still have a Teal Blue 177gr FLX Buzz I got in a trade from you. I have used it very little, as I love my Drone and Wasp. Your welcome to it. Just let me know.
Wow Mark, still the people's champ!! I will take you up on that offer and head down to am nats this weekend!! Thanks a ton for the offer, I guess I'll see you there Saturday? I should be able to spot discs or something for a while if you need help.

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